Peugeot Car Mats

Protect your floor
this summer


Car mats that will fit your Peugeot perfectly

Your Peugeot is a well put together machine. So, if you want to get some car mats to protect your interior floors, it only makes sense to buy mats that are guaranteed to fit and will slide in seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

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At FitMyCar we make our car mats for an equal balance of design and function. Whether you drive a 208 or a 3008 SUV, FitMyCar has an Australian-made car mat with a 100% fitment pledge. You can browse and view a range of colour combinations with our unique online viewing tool and every mat is unbranded so as not to detract from your Peugeot's interior design.

Order online and get free shipping or call to talk to our local support team if you have any questions.

100% fitment pledge

Shop made to fit, online

Australian Manufactured

Made for a 100% fit

extensive warranty - up to 3 years

Free shipping

On every single order

retention system included

Retention system included

Keep your mat in place

free shipping

Free shipping

On every single order

personalise multiple color mats


Choose colours & mat type


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