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Volkswagen Vw Amarok Car Sunshades

Customer Rating

Volkswagen Vw Amarok Car Sunshades

Customer Rating

Customer Rating

100% Fit


Our Car Windscreen Sunshade is guaranteed to fit the unique shape of your Volkswagen Vw Amarok. Designed and Manufactured in Australia with a heavy duty foam core and dual-sided outer layers, the sunshade will absorb heat in winter and reflect during summer.

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Fitment Guaranteed
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The Custom Sunshade is designed to provide maximum, post-to-post, windscreen cover while allowing space for GPS and Toll Tag placement.

The Custom Sunshade is designed to provide maximum, post-to-post, windscreen cover while allowing space for GPS and Toll Tag placement.

100% fit

Dual Protection

Australian Made

Toll Tag Compatible

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*Wear-through warranties extend from 6 months to 3 years depending on the mats you choose and included addition to your standard consumer warranties.


Do I Need a Dashboard Cover?

  • Dashboard covers may just be the perfect interior enhancement for your car. Here are excellent reasons to get one for your vehicle:

    Protect Your Dash from Cracks and Cut Glare

    A car's dashboard is naturally reflective. It's made from plastic, so it is prone to reflect, fade, and even crack as the sun hammers down in all its glory. These products are a simple but effective way around these obvious flaws. And better yet, it's set and forget! There’s no need to reapply a yucky chemical in six months with this gem in your car.

    Keeping It Cool and Comfy

    Having a cover for the dashboard in your car will help stabilise the interior temperature as well. Preventing the sun’s rays from heating up the dash is a big help in having safe and comfortable rides.

    Cover Up Existing Damage

    If you own an older car with unsightly dashboard damage, a dash mat is the cheapest way to cover up and possibly prevent further damage. Simply find the mat that fits your make and model and throw it on your dash.

    Enhancing the Resale Value

    A dash cover will help improve a car’s resale value. Particularly for custom fit dash covers, having a product that’s protected the dashboard from damage will go a long way to presenting your car in the best light.

    Improving Vehicle Parts Performance

    A dash cover will also help in bringing out a vehicle’s full potential. A custom dash cover will complement a car’s air conditioning unit. This will result in better air circulation.

    Reduce Running Costs

    Dash covers also allow for a better and more practical take on managing gasoline expenses. By keeping a car’s air conditioning unit in tip-top shape and keeping the heat out, fuel consumption is improved.

What Is the Best Material for Dash Covers?

  • Dash board covers come in different materials. The two most common ones are velour and carpet. There isn’t one particular reason for what makes one type better than the other:

    • Carpet - Offers a better overall protection for the dashboard.
    • Velour - Presents a stylish look when applied.

    Choosing which type all depends on the car owner’s preference. However, a dash cover is best when it’s a perfect fit for the car. Consider getting a dashmat custom order to get the best product for your car.

Why Order from Us?

  • We offer exciting benefits to our customers:

    Delivery You Can Trust

    We make sure you get your order. Our delivery comes with a free shipping option for an extra convenient buying experience.

    The Care You Deserve

    We offer a lifetime warranty on our dash mats. Let us handle the shrinking and fading issues.

    Drivers Rely on Us

    We let our other customers do the talking. Check our ratings for the assurance you need when making a purchase.

100% Fitment Guarantee

  • With our 100% fitment guarantee, you’ll get the right dash mat fit, the first time. Got speakers, vents, sensors, GPS, heads up display, coin tray, or other advanced media on your dashboard? It’s no stress. Simply shop by car to ensure your dash mat is perfectly shaped for every contour and cut out.

Includes non-slip fitting kit

  • Worried the mat will slip or fall off while you drive? Don't stress it. Every mat we ship comes with an easy to install fitment system designed to hold the mat in place. We promise anyone can install it no time flat!

Airbag safe

  • Your dash mat is designed to protect both you and your car. That means every mat is airbag compatible (where required) and includes a non-slip fitting kit to keep your mat in place around those tight corners and sudden stops. To find the dash mat that’s right for you, simply shop by car.



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