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Volkswagen VW Amarok Ute 2010-Current


Perfectly designed for your car’s interior & exterior

With a cargo area as wide as the Sahara, Amarok is made to take as much grit as Lleyton Hewitt puts in at Wimbledon. It’s tough. A German engineered monster that doesn’t know when to quit. In short, we love this UTE and believe it deserves interior & exterior accessories that live life the same way. Let’s talk about the specifics ...

In the accessory list above, we’ve given you a swag of options to suit your lifestyle. If you push your Amarok 2010-Current to the edge, consider choosing accessories made from a TPE or hard plastic material. For example, all our tub products would suit you nicely. Alternatively, if conditions in your world aren’t frequently wet and dirty, consider our carpet floor mat range which includes warranties of 6 month to 3 years.

Fitment and Returns

We hang our hat on our 100% fitment guarantee. It means if you’re not entirely happy with the fitment of your product we’ll bend over backwards to make things right.

“But my ute is called a Amarok Trendline... Highline… Ultimate… or its single or dual cab …will these accessories fit my vehicle?”

Unless specifically stated, yes, the products are guaranteed to be a perfect fit for any Volkswagen VW Amarok 2010-Current model variant you drive. So kick back and shop with confidence.

Oh, and one last thing on fitment… if you’re worried about airbag deployment or the contour of the floor for your automatic or manual transmission vehicle, don’t be. Our specialists thought about that already when we designed and selected the products for you.

Not sure the accessories are right for your UTE?

If the Volkswagen Amarok pictured above doesn’t look like your car, check out the other model years on our website. Alternatively, give us a call on 1300 299 922 or chat with us via live chat for assistance.

Fun Fact

What’s the deal with the name, Amarok? Well, Amarok is an Inuit mythological creature - a Gigantic Wolf. While it's not the first time a car has been named after a mythological creature, you’ve gotta admit being named after a gigantic wolf is pretty awesome.


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