Summer Travel Essentials

A classic Australian summer needs classic car accessories

Holiday Inspiration

3 Holiday Tips To Try When Accommodation Is Booked Out

With no international travel allowed this holiday season, our local accommodation hot spots are getting booked out earlier and (for longer) than ever. If you’ve missed out and kicking yourself, don’t, try these tips instead.


Is A Tech-Free Roadtrip Exactly What Your Kids Need This Summer?

Our Victorian kids aren’t the only ones spending more time indoors on iPads and screens for learning and entertainment. Is it time we hit the highway to press the reset button for the whole family?

Holiday Inspiration

Border-Bound: Exploring Your Own State in 2020

For road-going adventurers we’ve seen borders closed, recreational activities limited and a lot more time has been spent inside the confines of our homes, especially if you live in Victoria! Here’s the best places to go in your state.

Car Care

What Does This Summer’s La Nina Mean For Your Car?

With a La Niña officially declared this year, experts are telling us to prepare for a wet summer - think unpredictable storms, flash-flooding and cyclones in tropical regions. Make sure you’re prepared for what may come.


Bringing Your Dog On A Road Trip May Not Be As Daunting As You Think

Worried your dog will make a mess of your road trip? You’re not alone. Like any good road trip, bringing your dog along will throw you some challenges but if you’re prepared you can deal with it.

Holiday Inspiration

5 Road-Trip Ideas For Your Australia Day Weekend

The Australia Day long-weekend is the perfect chance to hit the road and explore our endless country. If you’re in need of some inspiration on where to take that next trip, check out our favourite destinations.

Summer Fun

Avoid The Crowds This Summer With These Underrated Beaches

There’s something magical about finding the perfect secluded beach on a hot summer day. With social distancing top of mind and thousands of kilometres of beautiful Australian coastline, there’s a beach for you.

Buy / Sell

There May Never Be A Better Time To Buy Your Dream Car

Buying your dream might be more reality than ever before. It’s hard to ignore that uncertainty brings opportunity and there are a number of reasons why now may just be as good a time as ever to make that purchase.

Car Care

Why Washing Your Car Is Good For The Soul

Never been a fan of washing your car? Neither was I. But a funny thing happened after being stuck in covid lockdown... it made me appreciate outdoor activities in whatever form they came.


What I Learned From Daily-Driving A Manual Sports Car In 2020

Once upon a time, driving a manual car was a way of life and automatics were rare. Today, only 8-9% of cars sold in Australia are manual. What is the reason for this, and what does it feel like to daily-drive a manual sports-car on modern day roads?


5 Things I Learned Since Hitting The Road Post-Lockdown

As a Victorian, getting back on the road for the first time in months after months in lockdown was a real shock to the system. A number of things took me by surprise. Here’s what I learned