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FitMyCar carries a wide selection of items for your Holden Equinox. From perfectly fitted car mats to ingenious bumper protectors, we have them!

Browse through our stunning range of products and experience impeccable quality without the unbelievable costs.

There’s no need to put up with any available generic mats or seat covers and end up with an unsightly interior. There’s also no need to go through a car dealer and pay the hefty price. We’ve got you covered. Shop only from Australia’s best car parts and accessories provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Accessories Should I Get for My Holden Equinox?

Whether you’ve got your brand new car or have been driving an Equinox for some time now, there are plenty of accessories you can install for a smoother, safer ride. Here at FitMyCar, we offer the following products:

  • Car mat set - Manufactured to perfectly fit your Holden vehicle
  • Dash mat - We carry dash mats that fit LS and LT models like a glove
  • Seat covers - Protect your front and rear seats with our waterproof neoprene cover
  • Window sox - Keep harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays from getting through to your car
  • Bumper protector - A dual-sided cover to protect your boot bumper when you load and unload cargo
  • Snow chains for SUV - Ensure safe driving through the snow

We also carry a wide selection of generic items for your vehicle, such as sunshades, car bins, seat cover-ups, phone holders, and boot liners. Find the right product for you when you browse our online store.

Where Can I Get Quality Holden Equinox Floor Mats?

FitMyCar carries quality floor mats for your vehicle that don’t break the bank. Finding floor mats that are the right fit for your car model can be difficult. Sometimes, we make do by wriggling the mats to force it in, making them look awkward and feel uncomfortable. However, our car mats are customised to your vehicle so they’re guaranteed to fit the contours of your floor.

Get in touch with our team, choose your carpet type and colours, tell us your vehicle model, and see the sleek outcome for yourself.

Should I Get Snow Chains for My Holden Equinox?

Snow chains are a must, whether you love going on skiing trips with the family or own a business that must operate despite the winter weather. Snow chains are a great help in navigating through mounds of snow. Their diamond pattern and self-tensioning technology provide superior snow traction, preventing slips and slides as you drive.

Here at FitMyCar, we have snow chains available for your Equinox model. These uniquely engineered chains comply with the Australian snow resort guidelines, so they’re guaranteed safe for use.

Do I Get a Warranty When I Purchase Holden Parts and Accessories?

We offer a 100% Fitment and 100-Day Return Guarantee. Our solid return policy is proof of our strong confidence in our products. See for yourself, and order from the best car parts and accessories provider in Australia.