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Looking for Isuzu MU-X accessories? We’ve got a whole selection that’s tailored to fit your vehicle. Protect your vehicle from sun, rain, and dirt with our Prestige or WeatherTec car covers. Spruce up the interior of your vehicle with our car mat set options, which come in different designs and materials. We also have car seat rear organisers and collapsible rear baskets to help tidy up your Isuzu MU-X. Browse our collection of vehicle accessories for Isuzu MU-X now!

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Protection against the Elements

Constant exposure to UV rays, rain, dust, and dirt damages your car and dulls the exterior paint faster. Our Prestige and WeatherTech car covers for Isuzu MU-X offer robust protection against these harmful elements.

The WeatherTec car cover keeps moisture out with a breathable material that prevents condensation buildup. The Prestige cover provides superior protection with a water-resistant lining and Hi-Tech five-layer composite material. Both covers guard against UV rays and reduce interior temperature under sunlight.

Our window sox for car door windows also offer extra protection against UV rays. They’re moulded to the exact shape of the rear passenger-door windows for a perfect fit.

The Perfect Fit for Your Car

These car accessories are specially designed and made for Isuzu MU-X, so no need to worry about getting the wrong size for your vehicle. From the car mat set to the boot liners, every product is new and precision-engineered for your Isuzu. Our accessories offer 100 percent guaranteed fitment to help provide superior protection and style. If your accessories don’t fit, contact us, and we’ll help you get a new product or refund without hassle.

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You read that right. We offer free shipping on all orders. No minimum orders required. Most of our items are shipped via Australia Post, but large items or bulk orders are sent via a courier. Time of arrival will vary, depending on demand.

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