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Are Pajero Sport and Montero Sport the Same?

This is similar to the question, "are Pajero and Montero the same?" Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi settles this confusion when it lists “Pajero Sport/Montero Sport” and “Pajero/Montero” on its official website.

The vehicle’s product name varies by geographical location. It is known as Pajero Sport in Australia, Montero Sport in the U.S., and Shogun Sport in the U.K.

Pajero Sport was first produced in 1996. The second-generation vehicles were in 2008, and the third-generation were released in 2015.

What Accessories Can You Get for Your Pajero Sport?

We offer products to improve the look and feel of your vehicle’s interior. As you can see below, each accessory serves a purpose, especially in protecting your Pajero Sport from wear and tear.

Take a look at the top product categories that fit your vehicle:

  • Seat covers
  • Floor liners
  • Car mats
  • Dash mats
  • Car covers

Seat covers, such as this neoprene waterproof front set, are sturdy and can be helpful in protecting your car seats from mess and dirt while still being soft and comfortable. The covers are made-to-fit, and you can take our fitment guarantee for it. As a matter of safety, they are side-airbag compatible. Full-set seat covers are available, as well as basic-fit ones, like neoprene covers for rear seats. By “basic fit,” they are universal for vehicles with separate headrests.

Floor liners for your Pajero Sport need to be heavy-duty and durable. Take these waterproof BedRock floor liners that are easy to clean and long-lasting. The raised edges and pedal-safe gap design are winning features of the floor liners. Are you looking for other options? Chat with us online.

Car mats are often confused with floor liners. But a car mat set for the front or this four-piece set for rear coverage is clearly here to impress. The car mats are expertly-cut and custom designed for your desired carpet type and colour, and made-to-fit. Plus, we make them in our shop in Australia.

Dash mats do many things; primarily, they protect the dashboard and the people inside the car from glare. As with our other products, each dash mat is moulded and fitted to the contour of the Pajero Sport. Other worthwhile features are UV-resistant and air-bag compatible.

This car cover is perfect for large SUVs like the Pajero Sport. It provides coverage against the elements from the vehicle’s roof to the body. The specific cover is made from non-scratch, breathable material to keep condensation at bay.

Car bins, organisers, USB chargers, and other products that fit all vehicles are also available.

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