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10 Questions with Donald

A Quick Q&A with one of FitMyCar’s own

How long have you been at FitMyCar?

I’ve been at FitMyCar for 3 months now.

What is your role within the company?

I’m a warehouse manager and a process manufacturing manager, so my main responsibilities involve looking after the entire warehouse and how it operates, ensuring everything is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Do you own any products and why?

Yes, I own floor mats from FitMyCar. They are great, and I found they fit really well and were very simple to install in my car. They literally went straight in with no problems at all, so I definitely love them! 

What was your first car?

image taken from Auto123.com

My first car was a Toyota, a 2-door coupe. It was a Cynos actually. In Japan it was called the Cynos but in Australia they were the Paseo.

What is your dream car?

Oh gosh. Probably an S15, the Nissan Silvia. I’d consider putting skirts on it or something like that, but in the end I’d probably leave it pretty stock. 

What is the first FitMyCar product you’d buy for it?

I would consider a Bedrock if it was available. The Bedrock suits what I want to do with the car. I don’t like to get into my car if my feet are dirty, so it’s definitely the type of product that I’d want to get. 

What is your dream road trip?

It doesn’t really matter to be honest. Anywhere long distance would be fine with me. If I’m in my dream car, I could go anywhere for a holiday. 

If you could watch any car movie at the drive-ins what would it be?

I’d have to say Need for Speed. I originally had my doubts before I saw it for the first time. It came out at a similar time to a Fast and the Furious movie and I had my doubts it would be able to match it, but after I watched it I really liked it. 

If you weren’t working at FitMyCar what would you be doing?

I would be flying planes. I guess it’s interesting and I’ve never been in one, but I’d love to fly a jet. I love looking at the new F-35 stealth fighters and it would be a dream opportunity to get the chance to be inside one. 

If you could have floor mats in any colour what would they be?

We don’t have a green mat, but I reckon I’d go with that. A nice bright green with green binding would be great. 

Nick Williams

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