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10 Questions with Nathan

A quick Q&A with one of FitMyCar’s own

What is your role at FitMyCar?

Here at FitMyCar I’m the Data Manager. This means my role has a little bit of everything involved.  I’ve been with the company for a long time and I originally started out in Customer Service and Processing.
These days my main focus is on our systems and data to make sure everything works as smoothly and simply as possible.

What is your favourite to own?

I have a set of floor mats in my car. They are the economy material, and have been in there for over two and a half years and they are great. I don’t even think I’ve ever needed to vacuum them. 

What was your first car?

It was a 1999 e36 BMW 318i. It was a pretty good car actually. It had the smallest engine but was still zippy if you put it into the sports-shift. 

Courtesy of GoCar

What is your dream car?

While I haven’t thought about it too much lately, going back to my teenage days of playing Need for Speed, I was always torn between wanting a Lotus Elise or Porsche 911 GT3 RS. They’re not the most comfortable but they’re definitely fast.

What is the first Fit My Car product you’d buy for it?

The first thing I would buy for it would have to be a new set of floor mats. 

Courtesy of CarGurus

What is your go-to album when you’re in the car?

I don’t really do albums and prefer a Spotify playlist, but the main band I listed to is called Hollywood Undead. I like the variety in their music and it makes it easy to just put on and listen to being a little different from other bands. 

Who would you choose to sit in the passenger seat on a 10-hour road-trip?

Probably someone funny. I’m not sure if this would be my first pick, but one that comes to mind is Jerry Seinfeld-probably because of his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee show. 

If you weren’t working at Fit My Car what would you be doing?

Surfing would be nice but probably not likely. I’d have to say photography. I really like creating cityscapes at night time. It’s fun because I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I’ll go and try something and change different settings and end up taking a lot of different shots which I always enjoy having a look at when I get home to see how they have turned out. 

If you could have floor mats in any colour what would they be?

I definitely love a black or charcoal colour, however if I wanted to spice things up a little I’d probably go with a burnt or a bright orange around the edge. It’s not a colour we currently offer but who knows in the future?

Nick Williams

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