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Australian Rock Legend, George Young, Passes Away

Today is a ridiculously sad day for Australian music and of course the Young family. The Easybeats rocker and man credited with helping AC/DC become the in your face, world-renowned, band we all know, George Young passed away.

The Scottish born-Australian first shot to fame with The Easybeats anthem, Friday On My Mind. The song was so rad even The Beatles, George Harrison, is said to have pulled over on the side of the road to appreciate what his ears were hearing. It’s no surprise the cool kids of the 60s responded to these guys like local royalty. Our own version of the Beatles, if you will.

Young would go on to write and produce music under different band names (remember this number from Flash and the Pan?), for other artists (like this as-pop-as-it-gets number for JPY), and help kick off a label current oz bands are signed to (like Melbourne’s own, Dallas Crane).

No doubt about it, his killer attention to detail helped craft the songs we know in one way or another. So RIP, George. Cheers for the music. Let’s sign off with one of your best…

Luke Samuels

Luke is the Marketing guy at FitMyCar. He's been writing & selling stuff online since the day he got his licence to drive and despite a lack of taste in cars, he's managed to work in one automotive role or another for half his working life.

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