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Car Gift Ideas under $50

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift this Christmas that is original and sure to be loved by whoever it’s given to, then look no further than the Essential Gift Bag. Not just for enthusiasts, this gift bag is sure to be loved by anyone who has a car and would enjoy a better driving experience in the new year. Get for $45 here

Looking for more ways to impress that special someone for under $50?

Summer is already starting to heat up and it’s predicted to be long and intense. Getting into a boiling hot car is no fun at all but with a FitMyCar sunshade becomes a thing of the past. Get yours for $19 here

a sunshade will keep that heat away

Sometimes getting your car dirty is just unavoidable. You may not be able to stop the mess, but with a Front Seat Cover at least you can protect your seats from pets, dirty clothing, food or whatever rides shotgun next to you. Get one for $39 here.

whatever you throw at it, the front seat cover will keep your seats clean

Speaking of mess, it has to go somewhere right? With a Car Bin from FitMyCar, there’s finally a place for all your rubbish to go. Featuring an easy bag removal process and a velcro back, this one’s a keeper. Get it for just $39 here.

the back of a seat is just one handy spot you can keep your car bin

Okay, so not all of the mess in your car is actually rubbish. For all those things that just need a secure spot to sit in (hello kids toys we’re looking at you) enter the Car Organiser. It’s $29 and you can get one here

in the boot or the back seat, a car organiser will be your new best friend

For the loved one whose phone is constantly in their hand, an FMC Phone Holder will keep that temptation away while they’re behind the wheel. For those who aren’t a fan of a windshield suction mount, there’s even an air vent option. Get it here for $19.

a clever air-vent mount will keep that phone where it should be

Whether you’re addicted to your phone or not, it will almost always still go with you on every car ride. Make the best use of that time by charging it up so it’s ready to go throughout the day. FitMyCar has a range of Phone Chargers starting at $19. Find them here.

our 3-port chargers are perfect for the family roadtrip
Nick Williams

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