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Conversation Starters: When Your Valentine Loves Cars But You Don’t

One thing every Valentine’s Day menu needs is good conversation. It’s the oxygen of the night that can quickly come into short supply when conversation topics thin out. So today, we take our car care duties to the next level by giving you 2019’s Conversation Starter list for when that special someone digs cars but you don’t know anything about them.

Warning: this is some serious Jedi quality knowledge that’s proven to make car heads 99% more attracted to you, so please, use it wisely.

Starter: So the new Toyota Supra has finally been released…


  • I can’t believe how long Toyota made us wait for this. I must have seen 100 ‘leaked’ photo of it already
  • Do you think its a real supra anyway? It doesn’t have a V6 anymore. And it even comes with a 4 cylinder.
  • I heard there are like 10 fake air intakes in the design. Why do car makers keep doing that?!

More background info 🙂 …

Starter: How do you think Honda will perform with Red Bull in the F1 this year?


  • I think Red Bull are kidding themselves. Honda can’t turn around that fast.
  • They might even get overtaken by Renault or Force India, I mean Racing Point India, or whatever they are called now.
  • The real question is will Vettel Choke again mid-season…?

Starter: Have you seen the latest Grand Tour episodes?


  • I like the Detroit episode. I would take the Mustang for sure even if it’s slower. What would you choose?
  • It’s cool that they are doing a whole season on specials. Did you see the Columbia Special?
  • I prefer it when they do supercars but the ute episode was OK. Trust Hammond to get the Ranger.

Starter: So the most expensive car in the world was sold in the US last year…


  • It was a Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. They only ever made 36 of them in total.
  • The guy paid $70 million USD for it.
  • Supposedly Lance Stroll owns one as well. You know the guys who bought Racing point Force F1 Team or whatever he is calling it.
Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. Source: Flickr @walterr03
Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. Source: Flickr @walterr03

Starter: Have you seen the new Suzuki Jimny?


  • It’s still being built on a ladder frame.
  • It looks like a Mercedes G Wagon (some would call it a J Wagon)
  • It’s only about $25k.


From all the crew at FitMyCar, we wish you and your partner the very best this Valentines Day! Want to go one step further and create a great impression, beyond your conversation game? Put your best foot forward and try our custom accessories. They’ll enhance the look of your vehicle and cover up the imperfections you’d prefer were hidden…

car boot liner

Car Care 101: The Boot Liner Basics

Boot liners are essential accessories for your car. You may not pay much attention when buying one but choosing the right boot liner can save you money and also protect your car better. So what are the things that make a good boot liner? Let us teach you the basics.

Material and construction

Boot liners are made to protect the carpet in the boot of your car as well as the cargo you are carrying. A good boot liner will be made of a highly durable material such rubber and high-grade plastics or a combination of both (like TPE). The construction must be rigid so that the boot liner will hold its shape even when subjected to heavy cargo (you don’t want it folding or crumpling when you take corners). It’s also a handy quality to have when removing or installing the liner as it ensures any mess is taken out with the mat as opposed to it spilling over the floppy edge.

Most good boot liners also have reinforced edges that can withstand daily wear and tear. The material though sturdy should be flexible enough that you can roll up your liner for storage when not in use.


A good boot liner will always have some anti-slip capability as no one wants heavy cargo slipping and sliding around the boot while you drive. The best in the industry guarantees 100% non-slip surface coverage to secure cargo and protect the passengers. Boot liners should also protect the carpet from dirt and spills. When choosing boot liners, look for those with raised edges as they hold spills and dirt better.

Another good feature to look for would be resistance to chemical and fuel spills. Harmful chemicals and fuel may corrode and degrade lesser quality liners. A boot liner should also be UV resistant which would help when leaving the car out in the sun. Inferior boot liners will warp and peel with prolonged exposure to the hot sun.

Fitting and installation

The best bet would be to look for a liner that is made specifically for your car’s make and model. Boot liners that are moulded to follow the contours of your cargo area will provide 100% coverage and will guarantee a good fit. Installation should be as simple as rolling the boot liner out. Avoid those with complicated attachments or those that need adhesives to stay in place.


The warranty on any product is a good sign of quality. Boot liners that come with a 2-year warranty should be a good choice. For extra quality assurance, boot liners can have 5 to 10-year warranties. You will surely get your money’s worth with a boot liner that has a longer warranty.


There you have it, the most basic things you need to look for in a good boot liner. The next time you go out to purchase a boot liner, remember the things that we have listed down for you. You also do not have to look far, here at FitMyCar we provide the best boot liners available in the market. To see what’s available for your vehicle, choose a make and model. We offer only the best and guarantee you that you will get the best value for your money.

confessions of filthy car back seat - needs covers

Confessions Of A Filthy Car (The Nasty Seat Episode)

Parents. Pet owners. Tradies. We know we’re the worst of the worst when it comes to car cleanliness, right?

It’s not like we set out to have a stained filled car. We do clean it, pick up the mess, and wipe up the spills. It kinda just happens.

Our defense is “we’re surrounded by mess makers”. The kids, the dog, and the work-mate who eats his macky-dees burger IN THE CAR…!

But honestly. Up until recently, these truths didn’t really sit well with me.

My stance was “come on. Just look after your car, parent your kids, tell the pig (not talking about your kids anymore) to eat with his mouth shut. I dunno, be more human”…

But my-oh-my…. could I have been any more wrong?

As a parent myself, it all dawned on me pretty hard. One moment ignorant, the next I could see the light. Or rather, the stains.

Exceptions to the rule…

I get there are those out there that keep an immaculate ride. I salute them. So, no need to pile on to me about them… please.

And I get there are definitely times us parents, pet owners, and tradies can do better.

But for the most part, I believe the strains we put on our cars is mostly inevitable.

So let’s take a collective sigh about our predicament and consider ways to A) cover up the mess or B) even better… stop it from taking hold when it happens.

You might relate to this…

My family has a second hand Hyundai ix35 (small, cheap, SUV).

I have a 3 ½-year-old daughter that can spot a McDonalds sign faster than a South African cameraman can a cheating Aussie cricketer.

My wife (she normally drives it) is busy with a stressful job, does the childcare pick-up, and rushes home each day to get a simple meal going while I do a 1hr 20min commute.

We don’t leave food or anything nasty sitting around…

…we wash and vacuum our car on a semi-regular basis.

… sound familiar?

Anyway, on one fateful day — we still don’t know when — our little mess-maker spotted the golden arches on the way back from a late pick-up.

Mum gave in… it was late… better grab her a snack.

Then the aftermath...
(Best guess this is what sweet sauce looks like when it’s smeared all over and left to dry)

confessions of a filthy car ... the mess on the back car seat


My reaction
(Surrender. I’ll call it… Stains 1 – Factory upholstery 0)

confessions of filthy car frustrated by mess under cat seat


Now the thing that gets me the most is that we didn’t pick this up earlier.

Honestly, how does a slurry of sweet sauce sliding around the back go undetected for however long? You’d think that’s the kind of thing you see and remove on a semi-regular clean.

Apparently not.

And since we didn’t, it makes me think it was unavoidable. Like, if it didn’t happen now it was going to happen later.

And since it was unavoidable, how do I protect my seats in the future?

We can do this…

You’d know by now that FitMyCar is a car accessory manufacturer & retailer, so clearly there are ways avoid the stains.

So why didn’t I? The simple answer: I put it off. Maybe you can relate …

  1. I tend to put off a fix when it involves spending money
  2. The thought of giving up 15 minutes of my time to fit seat cover velcro or tie strips (stupidly) seemed a bit much; I mean that’s half a Netflix episode
  3. I didn’t twig onto a solution that might suit me more
  4. I’ve grown up being ‘cover averse’. (If you grew up with relo’s that put freezer bags over the remote control and leave the original plastic on their iPhone, you’d get what I mean). Slowly that’s changing, though…

Your options…

Seat Covers

They’re a tried and true solution that comes in a million different forms. You’ve got…

  • Generic covers. These aren’t made for your vehicle so typically look worse than a saggy tattoo, except you can remove them…annnndd you should.
  • Custom/made-to-fit covers. These are made specifically for your vehicle so you know some engineering has gone into them and your car will get a good fit.
  • Airbag safe seat covers. There isn’t a specific regulation or standard for what is or isn’t a deploy safe seat cover. Having said that, when this badge is shown it means the manufacturer has deliberately engineered the cover to have weaker stitching around airbag areas to allow for easier deployment.

Then there’s the variations…

Sheepskin Seat Covers
Sheepskin Seat Covers
  • Sheepskin seat covers. They come in two forms:
    • 1) Genuine wool seat covers. Needless to say, these aren’t cheap. You might find a generic “fitting” front set of Merino covers going for $300-$400 and a made to fit set for $700-$900. Wool is great for comfort and will look like new even after the 1000th time you’ve sat in them. There is a risk to them, though. Unlike synthetic materials, the actual fibre can be stained. Obviously, this impacts the look of your covers. To get around this speed hump, you could always buy a black set.
    • 2) Fake wool seat covers are cheaper than genuine wool and give you the same plushy look. Probably debatable if they feel the same as the real deal (we’d lean towards, no). Another downside is they might not retain and disperse heat like a proper set would. Summary, a compromise in quality but for the $$$ it’s a noble alternative.
Canvas Seat Covers
Canvas Seat Covers
  • Canvas seat covers are one of the hardiest materials going around. You can hit them with water or dirt and these bad boys will fight back harder than Will Smith himself. Perfect for tradies, growing families, and campers. Also comes with a generous warranty and fitment guarantee.
Neoprene Seat Covers
Neoprene Seat Covers
  • Neoprene seat covers are hardy too. They’re waterproof and feel a little bit like a giant wetsuit over your seats. Despite how that sounds, a neoprene seat cover is actually quite nice. It’s ideal for growing families, tradies and outdoor-sy (beach-loving) types.
Microsuede Seat Covers
Microsuede Seat Covers
  • Microsuede seat covers are typically designed to look much like your original ‘factory’ seats. This is a great option for those who prefer their gear to blend in, not stand out. They’re not as hardy as Canvas though, so think about where and how you use your car before you get this set. As with the above, a good set will be engineered to be UV / fade resistant.
Fabric Seat Covers
Fabric Seat Covers
  • Fabric seat covers are very similar to microsuede. They have the ‘factory’ look and similar warranties. Biggest difference is probably the feel. Microsuede has a suede-like feel. Fabric is slightly firmer to touch. Fitment is guaranteed on these.

Installing a set of seat covers can take on a few different forms:

Seat Cover Clip Types
Seat Cover Clip Types
  • You’ve got Buckle clips. These are by far the easiest to fit and most secure option.
  • Velcro fitment is another good option but the jury is probably out on whether it is better than material ties. On one hand, it’s a neater solution but you can’t crank up the tension like you can with material ties.
  • Material ties can be tightened and tucked away out of sight.

Pet Seat Covers

Pet Seat Covers
Pet Seat Covers

Despite the name, pet seat covers are an excellent solution for a bunch of situations, not just pet owners. You could easily throw a cover over the back seat for the kids, under tools, or under the four-legged comrade, too.

It’s also a great option driver or front passenger. Yes, I said that. They’re easy to fold so you can go ahead and make it work for your setup. Versatility – check.

Another unspoken benefit is ease of installation.

Since you’re using buckle clips, it means you can click them into place – pronto.

Compared to seat covers it means less work, but on the downside, it also means less overall protection since it can only protect the section of the car you choose.

Summary: decide how much protection you need and make a call on which type of seat cover you need. Traditional Seat Covers are ideal for overall protection and consistent themed look. Pet Seat Covers are perfect for a wide range of lifestyles and can click in wherever you need protection most.

If you’re still wondering …why bother at all?

Protecting your car is important for a bunch of reasons that might apply to you.

For one, you might have an eye on the resale value of your car and need a way to maintain an unblemished look.

Two, you might want to cover a few sins from past owners, or like me, current owners.

Third, you’ve always had one so are comfortable going down this route.

Others still might be an ultimate pragmatist and figure buying a set of made-to-fit covers are cheaper than a whole new set of seats!

When seat covers aren’t a good fit for you…

It might come as a surprise for us to say this, but there ARE times when seat covers are not a good idea. They include:

  1. You own a car with leather seats. Covering up leather is like leaving the sunroof closed on a sunny day. It just shouldn’t be done. Unless you desperately like the look of fabric over leather I wouldn’t recommend it.
  2. You can’t find a set that actually fits your vehicle. They’re horrible.
  3. You expect them to fit tighter than a pair of Eddie Murphy’s jeans (reference below) from day one. A made-to-fit set will fit nicely but need time settle in. You are unsure though give us a call and we will assist, stat.

Final word on Seat Covers…

Get a cover for your car seats and save yourself the pain I had. Prices start at $89. Fitment is guaranteed and shipping is always free.

fuel pump

The Cheap, The Regular, And The Premium

Have you noticed how many options are at the fuel pump these days? E10, 91, 95, 98 … yep, there’s a few. Each comes with its purported benefits and a price tag that’ll make you cry or fill you with envy.

With all the options though, you want to make sure you stay in your lane. Fill up on the wrong fuel type, and you might find yourself pumping fuel that…

  1. Adds very little to the performance of your car
  2. Limits performance, or
  3. In rare cases, damages your engine. Ouch!

So let’s talk fuel.

Before we kick on, let me cut to the chase for those of you who might be thinking this already…You should always add the fuel recommended by your car manufacturer. Your car is calibrated to run on the stuff, so as a rule of thumb don’t use a lower octane fuel.

If you did, you might find the car performs under par – less km’s per litre or less oomph on acceleration.

In rare cases, especially in older cars, you might also experience some level of damage (more on this later). Fortunately, this isn’t the case in most modern cars since they come with sensors that detect and prevent damage to your engine. That said, the upfront saving you get from cheaper fuel might be outweighed by losses in efficiency.

Think your car runs better on higher-octane fuel? Go right ahead, but it’s not going to get your engine revving like you might think. Instead, we’d recommend you save your penny’s and treat your ride in another way… new car accessories anyone? ?

What are your options?


  • K.A. the cheap stuff
  • Blend of ethanol (10%) and unleaded petrol (90%)
  • Supports the sugarcane industry #queenslander
  • Not compatible with all vehicles but it is becoming increasingly so
  • Technically, a lower octane fuel (burns faster)


  • K.A. the original unleaded
  • Find it at just about any petrol station
  • More expensive than E10
  • Contains more octane than E10


  • K.A. the middleweight
  • Not as easy to find as 91
  • Small turbo cars use this gear
  • Contains more octane than 91


  • K.A. the fast and furious
  • Usually required for performance cars
  • The most expensive fuel going around
  • Contains more octane than 95

Hold up, what is octane?

91, 95, 98… they all roughly contain the same amount energy. Crazy, right? We all thought the higher numbers meant you got more energy, too.

In reality, octane is the speed at which fuel burns. Another way to think of it is the level of resistance it has to burning through too quickly. Emphasis on the too.

The higher the number, the higher its ability resist burning.

Knock, knock …

Every car that rolls off the manufacturing line is designed to take a minimum octane level. They’re calibrated that way.

When you choose to put a higher-octane fuel in your car, it doesn’t really know what to do with it. It can’t take advantage of the slower burning and translate that into energy. That’s why your Corolla Hatchback doesn’t transform into a red-hot 32 Skyline just because you added a little 98.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you choose (or accidentally) add a lower grade fuel you might notice less grunt around town.

In older cars, the engine may also make a knocking or pinging sound. That’s because there’s a little too much heat hitting your spark plugs and causing them to spontaneously ignite. This is bad. Very bad. Your engine won’t like it and may get damaged.

How do you know which fuel is right for your car?

You should use the minimum octane fuel as recommended by your car’s manufacturer. Where do you find this info? The car manual is a good place to start. Also, try the fuel flap – it usually has the next best thing to flashing flights, telling you which fuel you should use.

If you’re keen to take advantage of the cheaply priced E10, a good place to check is the Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) website. There, you’ll find a list of modern vehicles with their relevant compatibility score.

open fuel tank
Check the fuel tank flap to see which fuel is recommended for your vehicle

What side is my fuel tank on again?

If you have a memory like mine and constantly think… ‘wait a minute, what side is my fuel tank on, again?’ Here’s a little trick to help you clear this hurdle every time. Hint: the arrow points to the side your fuel take is on.

fuel tank side
To see which side your fuel tank is on, check which way the arrow points

Love a splash of premium but thinking your money can be better spent?

If you have a taste for all things that protect and enhance your drive, take a wander through our online car accessory store. There you’ll find the gear that fits your make & model without the hassle of heading down to the car dealer and putting up with that noise.

Ready to start shopping? Start here.

Fit My Car BMW X3 Car Mats

When Should I Replace My Car Floor Mats?

The average driver knows how to put their floor mats to work. We wear them down with our heel as we accelerate and brake; we drop dirt and liquid on them like nobodies business, and we do our best to kick them around the footwell. In short, our mats cop a beating from us every single day. The question is though, how much can they take before we need a replacement set?

11 Signs Your Car Floor Mats Need To Be Replaced

While the car mat is a humble part of the overall vehicle setup, it’s position so close to the pedals makes it an important accessory to get right. Big car manufacturers all around the world will go as far as to recall floor mats if there’s a problem because it’s a potential safety hazard. Again, it’s around your pedals people?! So in short, unless your issue is purely cosmetic and you A) don’t care, or B) don’t plan on selling your car, it’s probably time you took a second look at your floor mats.

To help, we’ve put together 11 solid reasons why you would consider changing your car mats. We’ve even included a little rating system to help you figure out which issues are ‘fix today’ kinda problems versus those that can wait a while. So check it out…

Reason To Replace Your Car Mats

How Urgent Is It?*

1.      The Heel Pad Is Lifting

If the stitching around the mat heel pad has come away, we recommend you replace the driver mat / set. This flaw is likely to catch your heel as you accelerate or brake and cause a world of pain for your ability to control the vehicle. Check out the driver experiences below.

Urgent Replacement

It’s a serious safety hazard which is why recommend replacing these mats urgently.

2.      Impedes Brake, Clutch or Acceleration Pedal

If your driver mat in any way causes a pedal to become stuck – change it. It can cause unintended acceleration and again stop you from having complete control of your vehicle.

In the U.S, Toyota recalled floor mats for this very thing not so long ago so you know it’s not something to ignore.

Urgent Replacement

It’s a serious safety hazard which is why recommend replacing these mats urgently.

3.      It Slips Around

A car mat that slips around on the driver side will cause an issue similar to the one above. It can impede the brake or accelerator and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Usually, it’s a result of not having a retention system to hold everything in place or when some part of that system is broken e.g. the ‘ring’ or eyelet has broken off and ‘hook’ begins pulling on the carpet.

Additionally, mats that slip around a bunch also expose the under carpet to the damage the mat is designed to take. Check out the driver experience below.

Urgent Replacement

It’s a serious safety hazard which is why recommend replacing these mats urgently.

4.      It’s Worn A Large Through It

A hole in the floor mat is not only an aesthetic problem – it has the potential to create havoc on the road. You probably didn’t realise it, but your heel is often used to pivot backwards / forwards / sideways. Because of this, you want to avoid anything that can cause your heel to become stuck… you know, like a hole in the mat?!

Additionally, a hole in the mat will expose the under carpet to the damage the mat is designed to take.

FYI: A good set of aftermarket mats will help to prevent premature wear of the mats.

Urgent Replacement

It’s a serious safety hazard which is why recommend replacing these mats urgently.

5.      Isn’t Protecting Full Carpet Area

If you’ve ever owned a set of universal floor mats, you don’t need me to tell you they don’t cover the maximum amount of carpet.

A gap in coverage exposes your carpet to all sorts of dirt and liquids the car mat would have normally taken. This damage isn’t great for a few reasons. First, it’s much more expensive to go to a motor trimmer to replace carpet flooring of your vehicle than it is to buy a set of mats. Second, if you sell your car without mats you’ll have a nasty looking stain right there on the floor; not a great first impression for how you’ve maintained the vehicle.

Requires Attention

It could cause issues down the track if not addressed

6.      It’s Worn A Small Hole

Similar to the point above, you want to ensure the mat is geared up to protect the carpet area. A hole in the mat, will obviously work against this goal. So we recommend replacing the mats in near future to avoid funking up your vehicle carpet.

Requires Attention

It could cause issues down the track if not addressed

7.      Mould Is Present

Mould is a potential health risk to you and your passengers. The stuff is so nasty it can release spores into the air and trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions e.g. wheezing and coughing in even the most precious of cargo (our kids). We recommend replacing your mats sooner rather later, especially if passengers are particularly likely to experience poor health. If you’re not sure, speak to your local doctor.

Requires Attention

It could cause issues down the track if not addressed

8.      You’re Selling Your Car

Ever heard the saying, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression? Then you’ll know your car should be as presentable as possible before you put it on the market.

Car accessories are great way to sharpen up the look of your car’s interior or exterior and make it of more appeal to a potential buyer. A set of new floor mats then

Requires Attention

It could cause issues down the track if not addressed

9.      Your Drive A Commercial Vehicle

If you drive an UBER or Taxi, you know how important it is for your passengers to have a clean, enjoyable ride. A fresh set of car mats will help to give your passengers a good impression of the service you’re providing. Not only will it look great, it will also be free from any nasty smells built up over time.

Requires Attention

It could cause issues down the track if not addressed

10.   It Smells Funky

Your passengers may disagree, but if your car mat is on the nose consider giving them a solid clean or, if its beyond help, replacing the set entirely.

A horrid smelling car is never nice, so fix it. In saying that, it’s not a risk to your safety like some of the others on this list so correct it as your own speed.

No Rush

Good to rock’n’roll. Check out these at your own speed

11.   You Want To Freshen Things Up

For those who view their car as more than just a mode of transport, there is no better way to spruce up the car interior than a new set of mats. Not for everyone, but the option is there.

No Rush

Good to rock’n’roll. Check out these at your own speed

* About ratings. We’ve done our best to rate each issue according to our experience in the automotive industry and from experiences from around the web. Ultimately, however, we suggest you use your own discretion to assess the state and safety of your car/floor mats.

Issues Experienced By Drivers

Mat Stuck Behind Pedals

forum comment - car mat stuck behind pedals
(Forum Comment) Car Mat Stuck Behind Pedals. Source:

Lifting Heel Pad

forum comment - heel pad lifting on car mat
(Forum Comment) Heel Pad Lifting On Car Mat. Source:

Slipping Car Mat

What Should You Look For In Replacement Set?

Deciding which car mat is right for your car needs isn’t hard as long as you stick to these basic rules.

1. Fitment. Is it a match for your make and model?

Getting a mat that fits your exact vehicle is easily the most important thing you need to consider. Most of the safety issues described above were caused ill-fitted mats that were not cut with your car or safety in mind. OEM (genuine) and aftermarket alternatives are fine so long as it meets this criteria.

2. Retention. Does it come with the hooks needed to stop the driver side mat from moving up around the pedals?

Next, make sure your exact fit mat will hold in place on the driver’s side. The method used to do this will vary from car to car, but the basic setup will include post/hook and eyelet (see examples below). This will stop the mat from being kicked around the footwell and risk your accelerator getting stuck.

3. Durability. Does it come with any wear-through warranty?

Wearing a hole in your car floor mat will make it look nasty and expose the carpet underneath to damage. Not good. So by buying a car mat with a specific warranty for wear-through you will reduce the risk of wearing a hole within the usual lifespan of a car mat.

4. Cost. Is it a fair price for similar items on the market?

No one likes paying too much for their car mat; it’s part of the reason why people commonly buy accessories from aftermarket retailers like us instead of the dealership who usually charge more for a very similar item. So we recommend going to Google and searching for car mats for your make and model before you give your hard earned away.

5. Style. Will it look good in my car?

Most cars will look good with a set of black or grey mats, but if you want a particular binding or stitch colour you probably won’t be able to get that from the dealership. Instead, check out our website for mats that meet the criteria above AND can be customised to your taste (pssstttt…. we also do straight black and grey, too 🙂

About FitMyCar

Save yourself the hassle of shopping with the car dealer and head straight online to purchase made to fit car accessories for your make and model. Find floor mats, dash covers, cargo liners, ute / truck bed liners, seat covers, phone holders, first aid kits, and more, and get it delivered to your door. So say goodbye, dodgy sales pitch & suit. And hello to made-to-fit gear and awesome service.

Why shop with us? 100% Fitment Guarantee — Free Shipping — Extensive Warranties — Local Customer Service — Largest Made-To-Fit Library In Australia.

Find accessories that fit your make & model: shop now

Pet Dog

How to travel with your pet and not destroy your ride

If you’ve got a slobbery dog, active cat, or didn’t quite catch the non-shedding pet craze (Boxer owners I’m looking at you), there’s a good chance your car needs some protection. In fact, anyone who drives with their four-legged pal could do with a few tips and accessories to pet-proof the ride and create an anxiety-free vibe for you and the bestie… after all, the law requires it.

Most Australian states have rules in place that basically say you can’t drive with a pet on your lap anymore. You also need to have control of the vehicle, so your pet can’t be a significant distraction. For ute drivers, there’s also a little gem saying your dog must be restrained when traveling on the ute bed. All measures are much needed since those in the know say over 5,000 dogs die in Australia every year due to not being properly restrained. And what’s worse is that number is likely to be even higher when you factor in other pets!… That’s the bad news!

The good news is that we have 14 ways to create a safer, distraction-free, mess resistant car. It covers everything from restraints and barriers to covers, bumper protectors, and UV shields. So check it out… your pet and car will thank you for it!

Ways To Pet Proof Your Car

Dog Car Harness
Dog Car Harness
  1. Harnesses, Restraints & Seat Belts. These days, us humans know we need to wear a seat belt. When it comes to our furry friends it’s important to remember the same deal applies. Let’s look at a few available options:
    1. A Harness. It straps over the chest, arms and back of the pet. The end of the strap then locks into the seat belt buckle, restraining them in place. The best thing about this method is your dog is restrained from multiple points along their upper body. In an accident, this is quite important as it should (to our non-scientific eye) reduce the severity of any impact or sudden stop i.e. it’s not just pulling on their throat.
    2. A Pet Seat Belt. It will also keep your dog restrained in the vehicle. They work by looping around your dog’s collar and clicking into the seat belt buckle. This is great because it will restrain your dog and ensure they don’t jump all over the place. The downside is that they don’t offer the same level of comfort as a pet harness.

    Pet Barrier for Cars
    Pet Barrier for Cars
  3. Car Barriers. You know you shouldn’t drink & drive or use your mobile phone behind the wheel. But we don’t often think about the distraction caused by our pets. Experts in the field say 65% of dog owners get distracted while taking their comrade out for a drive. That’s scary, right?! So take a look at this method to reduce your risk.

    Pet Barriers. They keep your small or big dog in a designated space i.e. the cargo area of your Wagon or SUV. This option is especially good for drivers who already have passengers in the back seat and want to use the space out back for the bestie.


    Pet Seat Cover
    Pet Seat Cover
  5. Pet Seat Covers. Leather, fabric, or vinyl interior? Whatever type of car seat you rock, it needs protection from drool, hair, and scratches. A pet seat cover is a solid option to solve this problem as it will shield the space from whatever mess your best mate can throw at it.

    There are a few pet seat cover options on the market so if you’re going to hand over your hard-earned, we suggest choosing one with the following features:

    1. Heavy-duty upper. This will your pet doesn’t burrow through the cover on the first outing.
    2. Soft underside. For comfort we suggest opting for a soft, rubbery underside. It will provide a degree of under-paw relief and help to stop the mat moving around on your leather seats.
    3. Adjustable. Why buy 3 types of cover when 1 can be configured just the way you need it? Choose one that can be setup in a ‘hammock’ (protects seat and creates barrier between rear and front seats), bench, and cargo cover position.
    4. Easy to install. Consider a seat cover that will clip on and off if the cover is only occasionally used.

      Here’s an option we have and constantly hear good things about from customers: pet seat cover


    Felt Blanket
    Felt Blanket
  7. Felt blanket. If you don’t want to spend the money on a pet seat cover, try a felt blanket over the seat or boot/trunk space. The beautiful thing about felt is that it can act a little like a magnet when picking up pet hair. When you’re done, just pull it out and chuck it in the wash. Voila.

    Pet Ramp Ladder For Cars
    Pet Ramp Ladder For Cars
  9. Pet Ramp / Ladder. A pet ramp or ladder is the perfect way to help the little (or old) legend jump in and out of the car safely. That last thing you want is for them to misjudge their jump and hurt themselves. Equally, you don’t want them using your paintwork as their launch or landing pad. A pet ramp is good, but slightly more expensive way to overcome this problem.

    Bumper Protector
    Bumper Protector
  11. Bumper Protector. Similar to a Pet Ramp, a Bumper Protector shields your rear bumper from scratches and damage caused by your four legged friend (or fiend!). A big difference between a ramp and bumper protector is the cost and speed of use. A Bumper Protector is a bunch more affordable and will provide solid protection for your car. It can also be setup in a matter of seconds which is great if you’re on the go. For more info on a Bumper Protector, see our website and enter your make & model.

    Window Sox
    Window Sox
  13. Window Sox (Shades). Normally used for young children, a good quality Window Shade can block out over 80% of UV and reduce the overall heat level in the car. For pets, a set of fitted window sox will make for a much more comfortable ride and reduce the level of distress experienced by your pet. A word of caution though… by NO means should you use this method to leave your pet unattended in a hot vehicle.

    Check out our website for a set of Window Sox that will fit your make & model down to a tee.


    Non Spill Pet Water Bowl
    Non Spill Pet Water Bowl
  15. Non-Spill Water Bowl. You didn’t know these existed, right? Either did we until recently but we’ve fallen hard for them. Imagine this: you prepped your pet for a long drive by giving them a bowl of water to drink. Unlike other trips, though, you’ve given them a bowl that can take a knock and not tip. And even better, is shaped to stop their long hairs from picking up water.

    Ute BedRug
    Ute BedRug
  17. Ute/Truck Liners. Own a ute or truck? No doubt you’ve seen your better half slipping and sliding around on the tray. The surface is just too shiny for their paws to get a grip. To remedy this, the two best options we can recommend would be the Rubber Ute Mat and BedRug. Both options will fit your Australian UTE bed perfectly and would add extra grip.

    Cargo Liner
    Cargo Liner
  19. Boot Liners (Wagon Body Style). A boot liner is the perfect way to protect your cargo area from spills (let’s be blunt, dog wee) and hair. It will work best with a blanket in the back, tucked over the edge of the cargo mat. Doing this will add extra grip for your dog and ensure they don’t slip around so much.

    Cling / Plastic Wrap
    Cling / Plastic Wrap
  21. Cling / Plastic Wrap. This is a little left of centre but, if 100% correct, should be a Godsend for anyone with a slobbery dog that gunks up the windows.

    The tip is to place cling wrap (plastic wrap) on the inside of the car window. When said slobbery beast does its worst you simply peel away the wrap and, voila, a clean window. Sceptical? Give it a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose.


    Lint Roller
    Lint Roller
  23. Lint Roller. Even the best-behaved pet hair will fall off. It’s inevitable; some will even go where you didn’t think of. For situations like this you’ll a lint roller to pick up the hair. It’s small, will tuck away in a nook in your vehicle and ideal for picking up the stray hairs not caught by any one of the options above. Side note: if you’re dog is shedding an unusually large amount of hair, there could be something. Take them to the vet for a check-up.


    Pet Chew Toy
    Pet Chew Toy
  24. Toys. If you’re heading on a long trip, plan out how you’re going to entertain your pet. A well-entertained dog is less likely to dig for a bone in your cargo area.

  26. Clean Up Quickly. This one is a bit of no-brainer. If there’s a mess, clean it up quickly to avoid any funky smells and stains.

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A beach goers guide to car care

Summer is prime time for the beach. There’s nothing more relaxing than a dip in the water or lying about on the sand. But at the end of the day out (or vacation… if you’re super lucky), you want the memories from the trip to be carried in your mind or smart device photo reel – not your car interior/exterior.

Sand, dust, and salt air from the beach are fierce enemies of your car. They stick and fall into the most random of places, making it hard to keep your ride tidy. Since most cars on the road aren’t investments, they depreciate right, you do want them in good order to maximise resale value and of course keep a lid on your own sanity.

The article below delves into 14 simple but smart tips to protect your car and keep sand in its place.

Top Car Care Tips

  1. Pick Your Last Swim Carefully

    Before you head in for the day, make sure your last swim is in calm water. This water contains less sand which means you won’t walk out with sand in every little corner of your clothing and body. It also means you will carry less sand into your vehicle! The last thing you want is for your last swim to be in a swell. You know what a swell is, right – that murky brown water that’s rolling with more sand than you can poke a thong at (for our American friends, thong = flip-flop)? Swim smart people.

  2. Mesh Bags

    You’re gonna thank us for this one. Here’s the scene: a normal bag has a nasty habit of collecting sand in every nook and cranny. To get rid of the sand, you empty said bag of all your belongings (onto the sand?!) and shake the bag out. You then place your sandy belongings back into the bag……huh?! This makes no sense. SOLUTION: Throw your sunscreen, car keys, watch and wallet into a mesh bag. The mesh will allow sand into and, more importantly, out of the bag without you needing to do a thing! Better yet, it is washable and completely reusable. Your car and the environment (not trying to be ironic) will thank you for it!

    Mesh Bag
    Mesh Bag
  3. All-Weather Floor Mats

    An all-weather floor mat is different than a carpet car mat. For one, it’s made from an odourless rubber (the hard-core auto guys call it TPE) and usually comes with raised edges. These qualities make it possible to ‘quarantine’ any sand to the mat. In contrast, a carpet floor mat would love nothing more than to hide the sand deep down in the mat fibres. Price for a set of all-weather mats starts at $199. We sell exact fit WeatherTech and Sandgrabba mats. Check out the options for your vehicle by entering your make and model, here.

    Floor Liner
    Floor Liner
  4. Sit On Chairs

    This one is a no-brainer. Instead of sitting on a beach towel, try chilling out on one of those foldable camp chairs. This will mean you pick up much less sand on your person, reduce the amount of sand carried into your vehicle, and give yourself an awesome view of the beach.

    Fold-able Camp Chair
    Fold-able Camp Chair
  5. Line Your Boot / Trunk

    The cargo area of your car is a hot spot for sand. Everyone throws their stuff in the back … the bags, towels, esky (for our American friends, esky = cooler), balls … and usually it’s riddled with sand particles your car interior hates. The fix to this is surprisingly simple: grab yourself a cargo liner. Like all-weather floor mats, boot/trunk liners are made from odourless rubber, have raised edges, and if it’s a good one – will be shaped to the exact shape of your cargo space. Pick one up a cargo liner for your car here, it’s guaranteed to fit and will only set you back $125.

    Cargo Liner
    Cargo Liner
  6. Wear Thongs (again, we’re talking about flip-flops)

    Closed-toe shoes gather sand. It’s unavoidable. But the next thing you know, the sand is tracked into your car’s interior and embeds itself deep down in the carpet fibres. As a beach-goer you’d know this is not an ideal scenario. To avoid all this, do yourself a favour and wear a pair of thongs or open-toed shoes. It will stop that nasty particle-on-particle feeling between your toes and keep your car’s interior looking nice. Life tip: don’t wear thongs while driving! If it’s not already against the law, it should be. Thongs are a real safety hazard that are likely to get stuck on your brake or acceleration pedal. 

    Flip Flops
    Flip Flops
  7. Rinse Your Ride Before You Rub

    When you get home, the exterior of your car will need a clean to remove the sand. You should give it a solid rinse with water before using a sponge to avoid smearing fine sand particles over your paintwork. Doing so will scratch your ride and rip your heart out.

    Once rinsed, use a decent quality car cleaner for a sudsy wash. Pro Tip: also run the hose under the engine bay to help reduce the risk of rust taking hold. It’s not a full preventative measure but should help.

  8. Shake, Shake, Shake It Off

    “Shake it off” is the best bit of advice Taylor Swift has ever given that also happens to apply to your trip to the beach. So before you jump into your vehicle, dust off any remaining sand and dust particles. Clap your feet together, shake out your shirt… there’s no way you’re taking the sand back with you.

    Regrettably, we’re included the song below as reminder.

  9. Seat Covers

    Seat covers are a good option to protect the seats from dirt, spills, and sand. They’ll act as a protective barrier by coping the beating you’d otherwise have given your factory seat material. There are a range of seat covers on the market today, all with different protective qualities. For the most adventurous and outdoorsy types, we’d suggest a canvas seat cover. It is water resistant, UV resistant, comes with a 5-year warranty, and will fit your exact make and model. Not bad. Prices start at $119. Enter your make and model here for availability.

    Car Seat Cover
    Car Seat Cover
  10. Throw A Sheet Over The Back

    If you don’t want to spend your moolah on car accessories, think about throwing a doubled over sheet on the back seats. It can be removed after each trip and cleaned. Just be careful with this option if you have small kids. A wriggly child will move the sheet and allow the mess onto the seats.

  11. Got Carpet Car Mats? This Is How To Clean Them

    If you get sand on your carpet car mats, use this method to clean it up. It will help you to pick up the sand that’s sitting down in the carpet fibres.

  12. Take A Shower

    These days, most beaches have a shower to clean yourself up after a long day in the surf. Make use of this to protect your car from the sand on your clothes. Also be sure to dry yourself with a fresh towel (not the one you’ve been laying on) to ensure you’re nice and clean before you hop into the car.

    Live near a beach?

  13. Car Cover

    If you live near the beach, a car cover with fabric underside is worth thinking about. For those not familiar, you’d place the cover over the car at night or during the day (whenever the car is sitting around for a good length of time) to stop filth from resting on the car. It will also help reduce the damage caused by wet, salty air that corrodes the vehicle body.Why a cover with a fabric underside? It creates a nice cushion that will help stop the cover itself from scratching the paintwork. Pro tip: just make sure your car and cover are already clean before use. Otherwise, sand will be present and scratch your car.

  14. Bonnet Protector or Carbra

    If you drive frequently, chances are you’d want to protect your bonnet from chips and scratches caused by small and large particles around the beach. These particles will be flicked up to your car both by other cars and the wind, so investing in the right car accessory is a good call. Here’s a quick look at the options you’ve got:

    A bonnet protector is a plastic shield that will stop chips around the front lip of your vehicle’s bonnet. They’re easy enough to install and are fairly small, so easy on the eye. A carbra, on the other hand, will cover a lot more territory. The benefit of this is it will shield the front bumper and a good portion of the bonnet itself. The downside is that very noticeable in the more common versions so it will take away from the ‘factory look’ (if that’s what you’re going for). There are newer, clear options on the market so check those options out too.


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vehicle wiper blades

Car Tips: DIY Wiper Installs

Everything you need to know about installing a set of wiper blades

Wiper blades – they’re the unsung wet weather hero that we turn on and off with the flick of a wrist. But how many of us would think we could just as easily find a replacement set that fits and change them over? Not many… until today.

For most of us, we hand our cars over for a service with the “experts” (the mechanic), and notice a line item for wipers costing us $XX amount + plus labour. *Oh well*. We had no clue we could do the job ourselves. Worse, we didn’t even know they needed to be changed in the first place!

So today we explore:

  • WHEN your wipers needed changing. What are the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy wiper blade?
  • HOW to do it yourself. Seriously, the method we’ve been introduced to is dummy proof – anyone could do it! and
  • WHERE you can get a perfectly fitted set for your car. Hint: it’s not with us

The Misconceptions

Before we get into all of that, let’s tackle a few things you might have heard about DIY wiper blades.

  1. You need tools to install them, don’t you?
  2. False. A set of top-quality wiper blades doesn’t require fancy equipment for installation. You won’t even need a pair of scissors to size them to your car. They’re designed for your car which means they fit right out of the box.

  3. The DIY stuff doesn’t last as long as OEM or the mechanic
  4. False. Any good wiper blade will last for 6 -12 months depending on environment conditions and vehicle use.

  5. I don’t need to worry about this stuff. It’s only a wiper blade, right?
  6. False. Mary Anderson and Robert Kearns would be turning in their graves at this question but it needs to be said. Yeah, automatic wiper blades might be small in size, but that doesn’t mean they’re by any means a small player in the overall driving experience.
    Our good friends and wiper specialists (see below for more) tell us 90% of the decisions we make whilst driving are based on visual cues. So if it’s raining, or the windscreen is dirty, and you can’t see to safely navigate the driving conditions, you’re putting yourself and other road users at risk.

*stepping off soapbox*

WHEN you need to change your wiper blades


Shuddering Wiper Blade
Shuddering Wiper Blade

If your wiper is bouncing / isn’t moving smoothly over the windscreen, you probably need to change the wiper blades.


Streaking Wiper Blades
Streaking Wiper Blades

If your wiper isn’t clearing all the water from your windscreen / leaving streaks, kinda like the picture above, you probably need to change the wiper blades.

It’s making an unusual noise

Your wiper shouldn’t make a sound moving over the windscreen. If you hear it make any sounds – squeaking or dragging, however intermittent – you probably need to change your wiper blades.

HOW to change them over

Recently, we learnt a neat trick from the experts in the field, Wipertech, on how to change over your wiper blades in no time flat. They promise this method is fool proof and will take less than 5 minutes on any one of their products.

Front Wipers

  • Lift up the old wiper blade
  • Rotate wiper blade 90°
  • Press the tab on the wiper blade connector to release it from the wiper arm.
  • Slide the old wiper blade off the wiper arm.
  • Get the new wiper and place the wiper arm into the connector.
  • Push the wiper blade up until it clicks into the wiper arm.
  • Done!

WHERE you can get a perfectly fitted set

You’ve probably guessed by now, that the ‘where’ is with our good friends from Wipertech. They’re Australian company specialising in premium quality, long lasting, high performance wiper blades.

What takes their product to the next level is the fact every one of their wipers is made to fit a specific make and model.

We’ve been hearing good things about this company for a while now. And as we got talking with the team we found out they provide extensive warranty like you won’t find anywhere else in the wiper blade industry:

“1-year warranty. In addition, if the wiper doesn’t fit or isn’t up to scratch you can exchange or get your money back”

Check them out here. If your wipers are doing any of things mentioned above, we’d recommend doing it sooner rather than later.

Happy driving!


Ford Everest Boot Liner

New Ford Everest Boot Liner Climbs Protection Heights

Fit My Car first to provide full cargo surface protection to Everest vehicle owners in Australia and New Zealand.

Automotive custom accessory online retailer, Fit My Car, seizes an important opportunity for Ford Everest vehicle owners by being the first to introduce a complete coverage boot liner into the Australian and New Zealand market.

While the release of the 2016 Ford Everest, a rugged 4×4 lauded for its off-road capabilities, came with enthusiasm from car commentators; everyday drivers, off-roading enthusiasts and accessory suppliers recognised a gap in the market. How will the boot space flooring be protected when the car is in a common 5-seat configuration?

Ford’s small sized luggage mat meant the full boot space of the Everest would not be protected when the 3rd row is down.

Manufacturer Product. Photo courtesy of

A shortfall in cargo area protection like this is a big problem for the intended market as a typical Everest owner would require it to haul reasonable objects and equipment, in a 5-seat configuration, without the risk of slippage and/or exposing the carpet to liquid spills and dirt.

Fit My Car who identified the opportunity were quick to partner with New Zealand manufacturer, PRO-FORM, supplying the finance and creative input required to commence the manufacture of its Ford Everest boot-liner product.

“When we first realised the gap in our Everest product range, I reached out to PRO-FORM who were excellent to work with at every step of the collaboration”, says James Tinsley, Director of Fit My Car.

“It’s a big area of need for Everest car owners”

“To not have a manufacturer option that covers you in a 5-seat configuration isn’t very common. So, for us to be able to step in and provide a well-tested, quality product that covers that space at a price that’s nearly 20% less expensive is a real bonus”

“Our product is made of a really durable and easy clean anti-slip TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material. It will stand up to the pressures of the sun and, like the existing manufacturer product, comes with raised edges to protect against spills and dirt”

“It’s also custom fitted, which means it’s been specifically designed for the Everest… it even has a raised segment to account for the variable boot floor height, and a side pocket to throw your chamois or tools into”, says Mr Tinsley.

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