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Get aboard women only ride sharing app, Shebah

Step aside Uber. There’s a Queen in town and she’s shaking up the ride sharing game in favour of women and their safety.

Australia’s first and only app to exclusively help women find other women to drive them from A to B has finally arrived. Called Shebah, it’s available in every state around the country, excluding the top end, and fares start at the $11 mark.

A safer option women

Independently owned, Shebah tackles the issue of safety for women who use ride sharing apps with the same independent, outside the box mindset. Instead of fighting to change the behaviour of men, Shebah simply cuts out the common denominator from the equation all together.

Why is it needed?

Shebah’s entry into the market – around 2017 – couldn’t have been better timed. In the previous year, reports of abuse were coming out from the global leader, Uber, which would have no doubt fuelled the unspoken and undue burdens women say they carry everyday.

Safety for passengers. Source shebah.com.au
Safety for drivers. Source shebah.com.au

According to their website, worry over finding a safe person to take you home at night, choosing to only use rideshare services during certain ‘safer’ times, and concern over who’s ferrying the kids to and from school are all challenges faced by Aussie women.

Is it really exclusive to women?

Yep. Shebah is open to women and girls, including those who identify as female. Men and boys under 18 can also travel in certain situations but primarily the service proudly exists for all women.

Want to check it out for yourself?

Shebah is available in Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Hobart, Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Soon available in Darwin.

Download available on: iOS and Android

Luke Samuels

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