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How to Defend Your Car from Babies

The arrival of your new bub brings with it a lot of changes… the big car upgrade, crib hunting, car seat fit-out, and maybe a little crying in there too if we’re completely honest (everything is SO expensive, right)!

As a Dad of two young kids, I know exactly what it’s like. And it’s pretty overwhelming…

On the one hand you’re excited. It’s a new kid, right?!! Doesn’t matter if it’s a surprise or if it’s the news you’ve been waiting for longer than the NBN take to connect the internet.

On the other, a truck-load of well-intentioned advice is parking itself in the driveway of every conversation. I mean seriously… how is it that every friend, family member and even that awkward eye-contact lady on the lilydale line train has a war story to tell you?!

Sometimes you take the wisdom on board. Sometimes you don’t.

Take it or leave it

One of the things I had to learn the hard way is kids are crazy messy in the car. (Disclaimer: I was naive in the beginning, I can’t won’t deny it.)

Silly me believed that if we planned properly, we’d dodge the poo-explosion, milk-drop and chocolate-bribe interior stains. But in reality, with kids, even our best laid plans needed a safety net, a plan B.

So today, I wanted to offer up some more well intentioned wisdom. Take it or leave it, here’s how I went from scrubbing out my car every second weekend to a clean less, scratched less car that my kids enjoy being in. I hope it helps.

7 essential car accessories for your baby-mobile

bumper protector by fitmycar.com
Quickly throw this over the bumper to shield your paint work

Bumper Protector

Hands up… how many of you were surprised with how heavy your so-called uber-light and easy-to-fold pram actually felt after a long day of errands? Yeah… I see those hands.

After a day of lifting, pushing, pulling and walking enough to drain your Apple Watch battery no one should complain when you bump the boot sill. But they do ‘cos it leaves a scratch, right?

Bumper Protectors get around this inconvenience with little fuss. Simply fold out the mat before you load the boot, slide your gear over the top, and pack away (wasting zero space) when you’re done.

car boot liner by fitmycar.com
Catch dirt & spills without breaking a sweat… let the boot liner carry the load

Boot Liner

It’s funny how we think about our car boots. Let me explain with a little game of contrast…

For example, when it comes to our car floors… we automatically consider that our feet track dirt all over so rush out to buy floor mats to offer some protection.

When it comes to our boots and prams, the same principle should apply. They track mud and dirt just like our shoes and we should be rushing out to pick out our liner in the same way.

The kicker here is, the raised edges not only keep dirt off the carpet, it also holds liquid at bay. So when you make a mess, the boot liner is there to save you the cost of a weekend date with your carpet and a bottle of elbow grease.

Cover up existing stains and stop new ones happening…

Seat Covers

There’s a few seat cover options on the market. Cloth, microsuede, neoprene, canvas and sheepskin to name a few. The important thing to consider is what you want them to do for you.

Since most families want protection from spills, a seat cover that offers some level of water-proofing is usually at the top of the list. Options like canvas and neoprene fit this bill well.

window sox by fitmycar.com
Take the kiddos out of the direct sunlight

Window Shades

To be honest, I’ve always hated window shades. The way they flapped away in the wind after the second use was a bit of a turn-off for me.

But when I saw my (then) 2 year old daughter sweating away in the middle of the day I put my stupid ego to one side and took a second look at the options. And to my surprise, not all window shades lose their shape.

The particular type we use is a Window Sox. They offer a level a UV protection and an exact fit for the vehicle to help stop that flippity-flop rubbish you might have seen previously.

keep cup via fitmycar.com
Anything is possible with caffeine…

Keep Cup

Parents, this one is more for you than your kids.

My wife and I love a good coffee. So when we found an option that gave us all the good time feels of using your favourite mug at home, but on the road, it was a good move for us.

Nuf said.

boot organiser by fitmycar.com
Satisfy the OCD in you. Keep it clean, keep it organised

Boot Organiser

“If I had a dollar for every book, toy or bottle that made its way into the car,” said the idiot who found a long way to say ‘jeez, that happens a lot.’

Dubbed the boot organiser, they’re a solid solution for stowing your stuff away and being able to find it again at a moments notice.

For mine, we actually leave ours on the back seat next to the kids. It made it easy for my eldest to tidy her stuff, and easier for us to find things than it does in the seat pocket ‘lucky-dip.’

car floor mats by fitmycar.com
The staple for interior cleanliness. The humble floor mat.

Floor Mats

The obvious staple for most cars, the ‘ol car mats made the list since your big car upgrade will likely need a set.

Ours come in the correct shape for your car so you can throw them in and drive. And those little retention points on the floor match our mats perfectly so there’s no reason why you need to visit a car dealer again.

Did I mention, shipping is free? Yeah, you won’t be wasting another Saturday at the car dealer.

Enjoy the ride…

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day to read my well-intentioned advice and, hey, btw… congratulations on your new bubs! I know the ride is going to be awesome for ya.

Luke Samuels

Luke is the Marketing guy at FitMyCar. He's been writing & selling stuff online since the day he got his licence to drive and despite a lack of taste in cars, he's managed to work in one automotive role or another for half his working life.

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