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Make Your Car Awesome

From week to week we spend a lot of time in our cars. Whether it’s driving to work, the shops around the corner or taking the kids to school those kilometers add up, and before we know it a large part of the day was spent behind the wheel. Whether you enjoy the journey or not, it can be important to realise that a car is our own personal space and the better we treat it the more rewarding that drive will become. In the same way that a nice new rug, lamp or bedside table can brighten up the bedroom, a few new accessories will make an interior feel fresh again. Depending on what upgrades you decide on, you might also be given the added benefit of extra protection, comfort or safety.

Better yet, there are many accessories you can install yourself from the comfort of your own driveway which don’t require the hassle (and extra dollars) of having a professional do it. There’s no shortage of ways to make your car look and feel more awesome, but here’s 3 quick and easy examples for some inspiration.

Floor Mats

You’ve heard of the new car feeling, but have you heard of the new car-mat feeling? If you don’t think floor mats are a big deal, it’s likely you’ve never treated yourself to a new set of tailored mats. First and foremost, these are going to give your carpet great protection from the abuse your dirty shoes are likely to constantly put it through. This really is a big deal, not only if you like to keep things clean but also if you want to increase the resale value of your car. Studies have shown that customers will often subconsciously form their overall opinion on a vehicle based on the cleanliness of it’s interior. 

But don’t think about others, think about yourself and how a perfect fit, plush carpet and maybe a special colour may brighten up your drive. Click here to have a look at the selection from FitMyCar and see if we have mats for your ride. 

Seat Covers

There aren’t many bigger turn-offs than dirty, torn, stained and faded seats. For those of us with an active lifestyle, keeping our seats in tip-top shape can prove to be a problem. Whether it’s the swimming pool, high-country or down at the beach, all too often we can bring the outdoors in and onto our seats. If you can’t stop the inevitable then at least make sure you’re well protected. Many seat covers are waterproof, mud-proof, food-proof and generally kid-proof which is sure to take a lot of stress off of you when you’re driving. 

Unfortunately not everyone realises this until it’s too late, and many of us know the feeling of buying a used car with seats that leave little to be desired. If you’re in this situation then you may find a new set of covers will make your interior feel brand new again. Whatever the situation may be, it’s hard to argue against a set of seat covers for your car. To see what we have available for your vehicle, click here

Floor Liners

Do you drive a ute or SUV? If you do then there’s a good chance it doesn’t live permanently on suburban streets. If your job or lifestyle requires you to get your hands dirty then there’s a good chance it will be doing the same to your shoes, and that’s bad news for your car’s floor. Even a good set of carpet mats may not be enough if you’re constantly bringing in mud, stones, sand and more onto them. A good set of floor liners won’t just give you great durability, but they will give your floor great protection as a perfectly tailored fit will stop anything getting through the cracks in your footwell and onto your floor.

Ute’s and SUV’s are built tough, so there’s no point using sub-par quality accessories on them. Our floor liners are so durable they come with a lifetime warranty so you’ll have the confidence to take them anywhere. To find out more about how they will be an awesome addition to your ride, and check if your model is covered, click here

Nick Williams

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