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The UK now has more electric car chargers than petrol stations

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When it comes to electric vehicles and their popularity the tide has well and truly began to turn. The latest evidence of this comes from the UK where it has been found that EV charging stations now outnumber conventional petrol stations. The report was carried out by Nissan who found there are approximately 9,300 EV stations as opposed to 8,400 petrol stations in Britain. It is important to remember that it can take a number of hours to fully charge an EV with most of these stations as opposed to a few minutes while refuelling a petrol-engine, but the figures still reflect that charging stations are rapidly on the rise, while petrol stations are well and truly on the decline.

The number of petrol stations peaked at 37,539 throughout the UK in 1970, but remarkably the drop has left just four within Central London itself. It’s a different story with EV chargers however, and if the past 12 months are any indication, numbers are only going to continue to grow. Out of the 9,300 stations in Britain, over 2,500 have been added this year alone. This is largely thanks to government incentives which have been encouraging prospective car-buyers to consider electric vehicles as an option. While EV’s only account for 1% of the UK’s new-car market, the 14,000 EV’s registered this year is still a 70% increase over 2018. 

Image courtesy of The Mercury

These numbers might all sound a bit confusing, but they paint a picture that cannot be ignored and it shows that Electric vehicles are becoming more relevant each day. Regardless of how convenient petrol-vehicles are, it’s not a resource which will be around forever and it’s important we begin adapting to alternatives now before the next generation pays the price. The UK has been active in this transition, and it is largely thanks to a government which has supported incentives and legislation to make owning an electric more realistic than ever before. Soon enough, other nations will reflect similar attitudes and it will only allow EV’s to continue to grow in popularity. 

Image courtesy of Electrek

At FitMyCar, we know that electric vehicles are a big part of the future and we want to be ready for it. We already offer a great range of products and accessories for Tesla models and the Hyundai Kona EV model. As the range of electric vehicles continues to grow in years to come, there’s no doubt our range will grow along with it.

Nick Williams

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