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OEM Carpet Car Mats Vs Aftermarket

Buying a new set of carpet car mats for your vehicle can be a tricky journey to navigate. There’s a bunch of options on the market and of course everyone uses stupid car jargon that is A. hard to understand (what’s OEM again?), and B. makes it hard to buy with any real confidence …

So this article aims to break all that down by looking at 17 key points of comparison between a set of OEM (don’t worry, we’ll explain ?) and aftermarket car mats. Already got your head around the lingo and want to skip to the comparison results? Click skip to results

Breaking down the lingo

What do the terms OEM, Genuine, and Factory mean?

Ok so the first thing you need to know is OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer.

The second thing you need to know is ‘OEM’, ‘genuine’, and ‘factory’ all mean the same thing. They’re interchangeable terms.

And finally, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) OEM, genuine and factory parts can be defined as “parts made by the vehicle’s manufacturer that are rigorously tested as an integral component of the vehicle to meet high quality, safety and performance standards.”

In a nutshell, it’s the original copy of the part you need and it is made by the vehicle manufacturer.

What does aftermarket mean?

It’s anything not made by the original vehicle manufacturer. According to the Speciality Equipment Market Association (SEMA), aftermarket parts are also made to a high standard to ensure performance and safety standards are met. They are extremely common in the Australian and U.S automotive scenes and chances are you’ve driven a car with aftermarket parts in them before.

The Results

OEM Vs Aftermarket (FitMyCar) Car Mat Comparison Report

Mat Feature


Aftermarket by FitMyCar



In most cases limited to the most current model


Includes early to current models

Colour Options


In most cases limited to black and grey


7 colour options available. Also mix and match bind and stitch colours. See examples

Carpet Quality Pass


Grade carpet usually matches the quality of vehicle. Inexpensive car = low quality mats. Opposite also applies


Choose the grade of carpet YOU want or need. Note: the high-end option is of the same quality used in some high German vehicles on the road today

Fit / Cut


Exact fit to shape and contour or floor


Exact fit to shape and contour or floor (guaranteed). Check out how we make the mats, here.

Retention System


Confused? It’s that thing on the mat that hooks, clips, twists onto the anchor point on the vehicle floor. Basically, it’s the system that holds the mat in place.


Includes retention system


Will fit over existing fitting points. If no fitting point present, an easy to use installation kit is provided at no additional cost

Manufacturer / Model Logo


Always appear as specified by carmaker



None. Not even our own; allows for a clean factory look

Carpet Protection


Maximum floor coverage


Maximum floor coverage

Matches Carpet





Extremely close, but not guaranteed

Stain Resistance


High. Synthetic fibres used


High. Synthetic fibres used



Easy. Straight fibres used. Clean as required.


Easy. Straight fibres used. Clean as required.

Shopping Experience


At the dealership


Online, free delivery

After Sales Experience


Through the dealership


Local customer support from fitment specialists

Manufacture Location Pass





Standard Warranty


Product must be fit for purpose. Mandated by law


Product must be fit for purpose. Mandated by law

Wear-Through Warranty




Up to three years





Can range from low to moderate. Check out the price comparison chart below.

So how do they compare?

Total Score

OEM 59%

FitMyCar 94%

Scoring was calculated as ✘ = a score of 0, Pass = 1, and a ✔ = 2. The total possible score is 32. OEM achieved a score of 18 (59%) and Aftermarket by FitMyCar 30 (94%).

Pricing Comparison

Common Models


Aftermarket by FitMyCar

Mazda CX5 $155 From $99
(save up to 36%)
VW Golf $177.55 From $99
(save up to 44%)
Mercedes C Class $206 From $99
(save up to 52%)

So how do they compare?

Final Say

Yep. They’re expensive

Save at least 36%

Find your fit

How do aftermarket mats look?

One of the big benefits of aftermarket car mats is their ability to be customised just the way you like them. You’re not locked in to a certain colour or combination of colours like you are with mats from the dealership. It’s all up to you. You can choose from 8 different colours. Here’s some examples of how they look:


How well do aftermarket mats fit?

Perfectly. The floor mats are cut using high tech machines to ensure a precise cut for your make and model. We guarantee a 100% fit for each set of floor mats sold.

Don’t aftermarket mats slip around?

No. The mat will fit the manufacturer retention system to keep it in place. If no existing retention system is available, don’t stress, we send out an easy to install fitting system with every car mat set sold. The last thing you want is for your car mar to move around or get stuck in behind the pedals.

What is a retention system?

It’s that thing on the mat that hooks, clips, twists onto the anchor point on the vehicle floor. Basically, it’s the system that holds the mat in place. Typically there will be anchor points pre-installed on the vehicle floor. The Original Equipment Manufacturer fits these in place prior to the car rolling off the factory floor. In cases where this isn’t the case, we’ll supply an easy to fit retention system to keep things safe and tidy.

Car Mat Retention System
Car Mat Retention System


What is the carpet quality like in aftermarket mats?

Speaking of the carpet pile quality of a FitMyCar mat, the answer is good to excellent. There are three different carpet options available to suit the taste or driving frequency of drivers.

Carpet Pile Types
Carpet Pile Types
550g/sm 700g/sm 950g/sm
Poly needle point carpet Nylon tufted carpet Nylon tufted carpet
6 month warranty 2 year wear-through warranty 3 year wear through warranty

I’m on the lookout for aftermarket car mats. Do you have mats for my model?

There’s aftermarket car mats available for a bunch vehicles including, Volkswagen, Ford, Holden, Chrysler, Mazda, BMW, Subaru, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan and many more. To check out availability for your vehicle, go here –> Car Mats for Australian Cars — OR here –> Floor Mats for U.S Cars.

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