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Red Bull takes a Ferrari F40 Camping

Camping out in the snow in the middle of winter doesn’t really seem like a good idea. It would probably be better to go skiing or snowboarding. And when the day is over, you’ll sip a nice cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace.

Red Bull, a brand known for its intrepid adventures decided to send a man, Takeshi Kimura, out camping in the dead of winter. He does it with one of the most recognisable Ferrari’s ever; the Ferrari F40. The call the short film “A Day in the Life”, in which they document the camping trip of Mr. Kimura. Something about the video not be right for most Ferrari enthusiasts, but at the end of it, you can’t help but watch it again.

The short film is beautifully done and the sound of the engine is surreal. The idea of taking an F40, which would probably be worth $1,000,000 at auction these days, out drifting in the snow is just insane but awesome. The sight of a Ferrari with rally lights for night driving and snow chains while drifting would make any car fanatic grin from ear to ear.  

For those who don’t know much about the Ferrari F40, it was built in 1987 to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th year. It was also the last car whose development was overseen by Enzo Ferrari himself. At the time of its release, it was the fastest and most powerful production Ferrari ever.

Ferrari f40

The Ferrari F40 sports a 2.9-liter twin turbo V8 that produces 478bhp and 424 lb-ft of torque. It could go from naught to 60mph in 4.2 seconds and has a top speed of 201mph. The F40 was designed with performance in mind. It had a bare interior, carbon fibre and Kevlar panels for weight savings and a huge fixed wing for aerodynamics.

Ferrari f40 3
Photo via GT Spirit

The Ferrari F40 has starred in numerous viral videos with some insane stunts and crashes. This particular video though is what supercar dreams are made of. Go ahead, hit the replay button because we surely did.

Jonno Rodd

Jonno is the hype-man for some of Australia's most rad brands. His passion for adventure, new tech, and off-roading, means there is no really automotive topic beyond Jonno's interest.

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