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How to fit a dash mat

How To: Fit A Dash Mat     

Here is everything you need to know about fitting a dash mat. The best part is, it is super simple to get a great looking result and get you on your merry way to a glare reduced drive.

To get started, watch the video or take a read through the steps below.


How long will it take? No long. To fit the dash mat correctly will take around 5 mins.

Tools required: Scissors

  1. Remove packaging AND locate velcro strip (you’ll need this to keep the dash mat in place)
  2. Cut velcro into 3 pieces
  3. Mark out far right & left retention points
  4. Remove backing & stick velcro in place
  5. Align vents & media with mat cut-outs. This will help you put the mat
  6. Place the mat over the dashboard
  7. Last step. Use remaining velcro to smooth out bumps. Then allow 7 days for the mat to completely flatten out

Stuck? If you’re not sure how to put the dash mat in place, yell out via and one of the team will assist.

How To Fit A Bumper Protector

How to: Fit A Bumper Protector

Check out the simple steps to fit a bumper protector in the cargo area of your vehicle. Seriously, it takes all of 10 seconds and 0 tools to do so anyone can do this.

Installation Guide:


  1. Hold the bumper protector logo side up. On the reverse is the velcro (sticky stuff) which you’ll need to fit it into the cargo space.
  2. Lay the protector flat and as close as possible to bumper lip as possible
  3. Press down along the velcro to stop it slipping around.
  4. And voila! You’re done!

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Zero

About Bumper Protectors

Bumper protectors are an awesome way to protect the rear bumper of your make & model from scratches and scuffs when loading and unloading cargo. They’re especially useful for:

* parents with prams
* sports people – think baseball, softball, golf, and cricket bags and equipment
* pet owners … finally, avoid those scratches on your SUV/wagon
* shop-a-holics

To purchase a bumper protector, head to and enter your make and model.

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