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cutting car floor mat by hand

Take a drive down memory lane

The last three years making car gear has been the best kind of roller coaster ride imaginable. In a short time, hundreds-of-thousands of orders have landed in cars across Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. And the idea that the car dealer is the only place for quality, fitted accessories has been well and truly blown out of the water.

So today, we wanted ‘thank you’ for getting behind us and ensuring automotive manufacturing is kept alive and well. You guys rock! We also wanted to take you behind the factory door and let you in on some of the exciting milestones you’ve helped us hit along the way.

Here’s to the next four years!…
~ Team FitMyCar


Our first cut

🤦‍♂️ Yep, car floor mats were cut by hand in the early days…

As the story goes, the first floor mat cut was for a ’06 Subaru Outback. Sold on eBay, the early interest from customers got the crew thinking this could be something big…

On a side note, the ‘ol hand cut wasn’t particularly accurate, was turtle-like slow, and don’t even get started on how the back felt at the end of a big day!


Cutting above the rest

We said goodbye to old school cutting and hello to Australia’s only digitally driven car floor mat manufacturing capability. At this point, things are getting real and orders start rolling out the door quicker than ever before. Happy customers = happy FitMyCar.

Calling all drivers…

Exporting our gear the world

Shipping to our New Zealand cuzzies and U.S pals is now available. A lot of behind the scenes work went into building the left-hand drive product range. Equally, a lot of work went into cross-checking products fits for Kiwi cars… gotta give the people what they want, right!


Winners are grinners

OMG. FitMyCar take out Australia Post’s Best New Online Retailer award and make the top 100 online retail list in the same year. One our fitment crew,


5,000 positive reviews from real customers

We hit 5,000 positive reviews from customers all over the world. Gotta say a huge kudos to the FitMyCar manufacturing and pick-and-pack crews for helping us achieve this milestone. It hasn’t always been easy; there’s been some long days; but both crews have stayed incredibly positive and focused on the job at hand.

Year of the export

Wins Governor Of Victoria Emerging Exporter Award

FitMyCar had the privilege of winning two export awards and representing Victoria at the national gala. Sadly, we didn’t take out the national gong, but it goes to show how far we’ve come and (to be honest) we were just happy to be in the room with some of the most innovative businesses in the world.

10,000 facebook stalkers and counting

Wow, 10,000 stalkers already?! Thanks for giving a toss about made-to-fit car gear, and hitting the big ‘ol follow button on the social interwebs guys… means a lot to know you care.


Getting famous

FitMyCar in newspapers - The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald
FitMyCar in newspapers – The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald

This was a cool moment. The major Australian media outlets were keen to do a piece on FitMyCar as they heard about this Melbourne based company making personalised car gear and snapping up customers who used to buy from car dealers. FitMyCar founder, JT, threw his name in the ring to answer the q’s and crushed it (in our completely unbiased opinion). If you missed it, check out the news article here.

Australian first

Exciting times. BEDROCK, our brand of Australian made floor liners, officially launched. The product has been 18+ months in the making and is the only product like it in the Southern Hemisphere. Interest so far has been staggering, so expect to this name popping up at our 8th birthday article.

Pay your way

Yesssssss. Over the last year, lots of customers have been asking for extra payment options so we had to deliver the goods. Zip, Apple, and Android Pay are now available fitmycar.com.

Luke Samuels

Luke is the Marketing guy at FitMyCar. He's been writing & selling stuff online since the day he got his licence to drive and despite a lack of taste in cars, he's managed to work in one automotive role or another for half his working life.

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