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The Car Bin: In Review

Much the same as it can happen around the house, mess in your car can build up very easily. Most of us spend so much time commuting to work, school or the shops, and so much more is done in the car than just driving and looking out the window (if you’re a passenger). Especially when children or messy partners are involved, this mess can turn from bad to worse when rubbish starts to pile up. Especially in these wild times, bad hygiene can be dangerous to your health, so keeping clean is more important than ever! 

The odd piece of clothing, children’s toy or favourite CD can quickly find a home on the back seat, and while these will make your car a little messy the reality is they aren’t doing that much harm. Once you start to relax on them however, it’s easy to fall into worse habits with actual rubbish starting to build up, and this is when you can get into trouble. Open packaging can lead to food scraps and crumbs which can lead to used tissues and wipes which can spread germs and bacteria. While making an effort to clean your car after every trip is a great idea, somewhere to actually store all this rubbish will also go a long way to keeping your car clean.

Enter the Car Bin. As straightforward as it sounds, the Car Bin is quite literally a place inside your car for all your rubbish to go. Sounds like a glorified plastic bag? Think again. These are designed with functionality in mind. They have a number of features to make them a breeze to use and reuse. A Car Bin can also be stuck almost anywhere in your car and looks great too, blending in with your interior’s design. 

The biggest draw-card of the Bin is just how easy it is to use. As simple as opening the lid and closing it, you’d have to have a few screws loose to stuff this one up. More importantly, once your bag is full, the process of replacing the bag with another from the attached roll at the bottom is super-simple, making it easy to do on the fly. With 30 bags on each roll, you’ll be set for a long-time, and when you do finally run-out, replacing it with a Refill Roll is an equally-simple process. 

You may be wondering where exactly a Car Bin goes inside your car. Well the fact is that all interiors are different. The Bin is designed with this in mind, and features both a locking strap and heavy-duty velcro pad to keep it secured. This makes it a great option for behind the headrest of your front seats, your door cards or even inside the passenger foot-wells. Where you choose will likely be determined by what your car allows, but there is sure to be at least one or two locations where it will fit comfortably. 

For the past week, I’ve had a Car Bin inside my MR2 so I could accurately test out its performance. While I don’t have to worry about messy kids in the back seat, I can be pretty fussy when it comes to keeping my interior spotless. In the end the Bin passed with flying colours. Always having somewhere for your rubbish to go was just one less stress to deal with while out on the roads. It may seem like a minor thing but it certainly made a difference.

Being a small cockpit only designed for two passengers, the MR2 wasn’t an ideal layout for the Car Bin yet there were still multiple places I could fix it. I ended up choosing to clip it to the back of the passenger seat. It was easy to access, use and it also stayed hidden, however even if it was in sight the slick design wouldn’t have bothered me. I could’ve used the velcro pad to stick it to the chair for added security but I found it wasn’t necessary. Even with a full bag, the Bin stays in place with only the clips and barely slides around at all. Not enough to be noticed anyway. 

Changing the bags also was a very smooth and simple process, and never resulted in spilling or dirtying the interior. All in all the Car Bin was great and something I will no doubt keep in my interior for my continued driving. If you are interested in giving one a go you’ll no doubt be rewarded with it’s great functionality and ease of use. Check it out here. 

Nick Williams

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