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The Latest Self-Driving Car. How Autonomous Is It?

Things have come a long way in the world of autonomous and driverless cars. So far in fact that guidelines are getting signed off by government in Australia to ensure everyone knows who is to blame if/when things go terribly wrong (… super important for unoccupied, ‘driverless’ cars I’d imagine).

The latest news on the development front is so exciting that we had to share it with you (we’re actually squeeling like little school kids because of what’s just landed)….

Renault Symbioz (Level 4 Automous Vehicle)

One of the latest vehicles to come out is the Renault Symbiox. Its interior looks more like a spaceship than anything else on the road today; with its glowing lights and fancy digital screens. And the ‘brain’ of the vehicle is so smart, its designers say it’s processing power is better than a human because it can crunch out 10 “evaluations” every single second.

But the big question is how autonomous is it? Like really… What can it do?

Well, the makers of the car show that it can do a lot… all by itself:

  • Set speed based on road signs and map
  • Change lanes
  • Let you know when it is unable to safely continue in autonomous mode
  • Pull over on the side of the road if it is unable to continue in autonomous mode WHEN the driver did take over
  • Initiate windscreen wipers
  • Navigate tricky tasks, like driving through a toll booth

Check out the video below to see it in action:

Video Source

James Tinsley

James is the Founder of FitMyCar and a total car nerd. At 5’11”, and with calves as wide as he is tall, he could be the most weirdly proportioned CEO in the world to ever write an auto blog.

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