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The Quantino is an EV That Doesn’t Need Charging

NanoFlowcell is one of the new electric car manufacturers around. Their claim to fame is a revolutionary new electric engine that does not need charging. It uses a solution to charge the batteries as its fuel to charge the batteries; and the car to have this technology is called the Quantino.

Quantino prototype (6)

The NanoFlowcell Quantino is a small four seater coupe powered by an electric motor.

The electric motor is capable of producing just around 136bhp. The car can accelerate to 62mph from a standstill in around 5 seconds and has a top speed of 125mph.

Quantino prototype (2)

Where things get weird is the fact that the Quantino does not need to be charged like conventional electric vehicles. Instead of charging, the car uses two “ionic liquids” stored in separate tanks. One tank stores positive charged liquid while another stores negative charged liquid. NASA once used this technology but gave up on it as it was inefficient. NanoFlowcell claims that it has developed the technology to where it can best Lithium-ion batteries in terms of kWh per kilo. All these “ionic liquids” sound a bit complicated.

Quantino prototype (4)

It gets even more complex as the Quantino is claimed to be a low voltage electric vehicle. Low voltage electric vehicles need massive cables to run the power to the engine from the batteries. But again, the company claims that the technology in the NanoFlowcell cars produces high currents and low voltages to avoid having thick cables.

So does the tech work?

Well, there are those who doubt the authenticity of the claims of the company. The patents are still pending so there is no way of confirming the science behind the car. What we do know is that the Quantino is a working vehicle. It runs just like any other electric vehicle and recently it completed a 14-hour, 1100 km endurance race in the Quantino. So, that should be sufficient evidence that the car works. How it works should be clear once the patents are approved and deciphered.    

Quantino prototype (5)

If you are hoping to see the Quantino in your local dealerships then you will be disappointed. NanoFlowcell is a tech company rather than a car maker so the Quantino will just be a test bed for the “ionic liquid” system. While we won’t be seeing the Quantino on the road, hopefully the system proves good enough to make it to some cars in the future.

Photos via Top Gear

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