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Top 50+ Auto Blogs For Car Enthusiasts

What makes you a car enthusiast? 

Is it a passion for cars, their aesthetics, and mechanics? Is it the challenge of restoring a vehicle, modifying it, and bringing it back to life? Or are driving and liking automobiles enough to make the size of the garage a primary consideration when buying a home?

It’s a question that sparks many car conversations and has no wrong or right answers. Whether you drive a manual or you prefer automatic, check out these car blogs that provide news, insights, and commentaries about one of the greatest inventions of all time. 

Car maintenance and repair tips, modifications and restoration projects, personalities and celebrities, anecdotes and histories, industry rumors and leaks, motorsports, and other topics are splashed on the pages of these websites. Complete your tour with pictures and videos.  

Fuel your enthusiasm for the automobile, and maybe get to know the auto industry a bit better, one car blog at a time.

1. The Garage Blog

Gary Grant, a.k.a. The Garage Guy, owns this blog that offers many things to interest the car enthusiast. There’s the coverage on auto shows and exhibits with tons of pictures. Cars that won the coveted car of the year awards, new cars you can’t wait to test drive, and supercars and their performances are other categories to explore. Don’t miss out on car care tips, too.

the garage blog

2. All About Automotive Blog 

Take it from a company whose specialty is automotive service and repair. All About Automotive’s official blog, as linked, provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about car or truck maintenance. How do you optimize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency? How often do you need an automatic transmission service or oil change? Or how do you extend the life of your car? Helpful suggestions to troubleshoot problems confounding car owners are also available.

all about automotive

3.  CarType

If you enjoy collecting information about cars, such as their logos (and emblems), histories, and makers, this website is for you. Clicking “Type” takes you to logos of automobile companies in alphabetical order. CarType also has a collection of supercars from A to Z. Use the site map to check out the list of makes, models, and types. To access full-length articles, stories, and videos, check out the official blog.


4. Chris on Cars

Chris is a confessed gearhead, and this space is dedicated to what he loves. You can start with his car reviews, featuring automobiles hailing from the past to the next generation. Read up on cool muscle cars, obscure sedans, “bad cars” from the 1970s, art cars, Aussie cars, and more. He also shares his road tests with beauties, like “Layla.” Head over to the “Galleries” section for nice-looking car pictures, videos, and his dream garage.

chris on cars

5. Automoblog

Award-winning Automoblog writes for car lovers and fans. The online publication offers a range of news, reviews, guides, and features on its magazine, which are all accessible on its website. You won’t be left behind with their write-ups on the latest in the car scene. The guides, for example, provide tips on driving, shopping, maintaining, and showing TLC to your car. Here’s a pro tip for finding information about a particular vehicle on the website: go to automoblog.net/makes, and click the car’s logo. 

automo blog

6. BangShift

This website promises to delight gearheads on the internet. BangShift focuses on drag racing,  all things truck, and what it calls “stuff that turns,” although its content is far wider than that. Check out actual car modifications and projects to inspire you, as well as classic and sometimes funny car videos on YouTube. BangShift covers car shows and events, drag races, trade shows, and historic cars in pictures. 

bang shift

7. Hooniverse

The terms hoon (an Australian slang term that’s been redefined) and universe combine to mean a space for lovers of driving, or something to that effect. Hoonuniverse shares the not-so-known side of automobiles. Its articles range from reviews on cars on quiet Sundays to relatable concerns and interests among car guys and gals. Interested to hear what two off-road enthusiasts and their guests talk about on a podcast? Check out Off the Road Again episodes on the website.  


8. Humble Mechanic

Charles is the Humble Mechanic, whose experience as a Volkswagen technician comes useful for a blog on fixing VWs and more. One unique feature of his site is “Shop Shots,” where he provides readers with an insider look at weird things found in the cars he fixes. You can learn more through his repair videos and tutorials. Charles also hosts a podcast, eponymously named, where he covers areas of the industry for mechanics, enthusiasts, and the like.   

the humble mechanic

9. Petrolicious

This is a destination for classic car aficionados who are treated to visually-stimulating content. Films are Petrolicious’s forte, and it has tastefully captured the beauty and genius of the industry. Be awed by its videos on the Italian restoration maestros and building your dream car, which has 2.7 million views on YouTube. The website’s articles also don’t disappoint, with features on Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, and more in high-quality photos.  


10. Autoblog

Autoblog is one of the top providers of automotive industry news, attracting more than six million visitors every month. True to its name, Autoblog covers the industry’s daily grind and happenings. The website also carries ownership guides for car owners and buyers. Matters concerning insurance, repair and maintenance, and picks and recommendations run the gamut of the posts. You can also explore its tool for car-buying research. 


11. Automotive Addicts

This website regards all types of automotive enthusiasts as its audience. Automotive Addicts provides news, reviews, tips, and other features. Catch up on the newest Subaru, Alfa Romeo, Cadillac, or Kia, and check their finer qualities based on test-drive results. Videos of the reviews are available on the website. Also, get advice on car- or truck-related questions, such as buying refurbished versus new spare parts.   

automotive addicts

12. AutoTribute

Paying tribute to the automobile is the goal of this website. To that end, AutoTribute has news, reviews, and guides for every car-loving person on the internet. What should every car owner know? Should you trade in your old vehicle? How do you save on the cost of car ownership? Feel free to explore the website for more information on such topics.

auto tribute

13. Carscoops

Hot releases, future cars, and top scoops in the automotive world dominate this website. Explore the reviews section, or find out about the hyperlimousine, the BMW X8 prototype, and Maserati MC20, among a long line of exciting updates. You can also take the off-the-beaten track to find yourself amid exciting stuff, like a self-driving Tesla and an abandoned Jeep stuck on a cliff. 

car scoops

14. Car Talk Blogs

Car Talk is an authority, most known for its honest car advice. Car Talk Blogs carries on the legacy from top-notch contributors. First off is the award-winning, nationally syndicated Dear Car Talk, which answers questions from readers. The column’s archives are also available, going as far back as 1988. Car Talk Car Complaints is another interesting blog. New York Times columnist Jim Motavalli and GQ’s auto editor Jamie Lincoln Kitman, among others, also maintain blogs on Car Talk.  

car talk

15. Corvette Blogger

This blog is built on Keith Cornett’s expertise on and passion for the Chevrolet Corvette. As expected, Corvette Blogger covers the first to eighth generations of Corvettes (C1 to C8), including C9, whose look remains subject to speculation. Aside from reading about the latest on the Vette, check out the Corvette lifestyle, watch it in action on the racetrack, and appreciate its aesthetics in pictures. 

corvette blogger

16. MPG-o-Matic

Daniel Gray is behind this automotive website, whose focus is on gas mileage, as you may have guessed. You can check the MPG ratings by car make and model on the website. One unique tool is the mileage calculator, which churns out potential cost savings when switching to a more fuel-efficient car. You can also scan through the lists of the best car, van, minivan, truck, and SUV by fuel economy. Of course, Daniel puts new vehicles to the gas-mileage test and other criteria in his new-car reviews. 


17. The Supercar Blog

Are you interested to learn about supercars or this high-performance species of vehicles? This blog is about delivering the latest and spilling the exclusive details, perhaps, on Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. It’s difficult to tell which Mercedes or Bentley is your favorite until you read articles comparing their similarities and differences. Also, The Supercar Blog makes it easier to search for information, including restoration tips, for a particular brand of car. 

the supercar blog

18. Exotic Car List Blog 

Exotic Car List is a place for sellers and buyers of collectibles to converge. Its official blog provides complementary information with reviews, news, and relevant features. “Top Lists,” for one, recognizes the best and the finest per category, from ’80s supercars, to classic convertibles, to electric cars, to “underdog Ferraris,” to supercars you want to buy in 2021. You’ll also find an assortment of tips for caring for exotic cars, selling used luxury cars, and investing in aftermarket upgrades, among other worthwhile topics.

the exotic car list

19. DIY My Auto Repair Advice from a Mechanic

This website taps into the auto repair experience of its owner and lives up to the expectations of readers. It covers troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance. How do you troubleshoot a car (or identify issues)? When do you DIY or send the vehicle to a mechanic for repair? What tools cover basic repair jobs at home? The answers to those questions, including manuals and guides, are on the website. 

my auto repair advice

20. Hydrogen Cars Now

What do you know about hydrogen cars? Kevin Kantola’s website is a good starting point to dig deeper into H2 cars. Check out what they look like with concepts and prototypes from Volkswagen, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, and more.

hydrogen cars now

Take a tour of the history of hydrogen fuel cars, from 1807 to 2017. The latest developments in hydrogen technology, economy, and related areas are also on the blog. Aside from cars, you’ll learn about H2 highways too. 

21. My Ride Is Me

Craig Pike dedicates this blog and its custom car magazine to hot rods. The site promises thousands of pictures and stories about vintage rides to regale you. Go to “Events” for the shiny displays, auctions, and drag races. If pinstriping is your thing, head over to the galleries. My Ride Is Me is where people who like cars meet online and share their rides too. 

my ride is me

22. Auto Chunk

This website promises to cover cars, bikes, and “everything on wheels.” Collect information about the most anticipated vehicles or about the coolest car interior features to watch out for.  Car tech products and apps are in, and the site has a dedicated section for auto tech. The site also looks into car concepts and what can be the cars of the future. The online resource is part of Dr. Prem Jagyasi’s network of publications.  

auto chunk

23. Best Selling Cars Blog

What cars are selling like hotcakes in local markets? Matt Gasnier of Best Selling Cars Blog provides sales data in Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. You can filter the reports by country or year. Interestingly, clicking the latter pages takes you to car sales reports in 1928 when Ford Model T was the rage. Matt also blogs about his test drives and travels and adventures throughout the world. 

best selling cars blog

24. Silodrome

Cars, boats, motorcycles, and topics in between inhabit Silodrome. Ben Branch founded the website, the home of Gasoline Culture, a term that he also coined. It is a website for cars, featuring classic cars, project cars, noted engines for sale, and all things of interest to people who love cars. Silodrome also has essential buying guides for classic and rare pieces. Films and arts have a spot on the website with prints, decals, and other collectibles.

silodrome gasoline culture

25. GoodCarBadCar

Stylized as GoodCarBadCar, the website is a source of auto sales figures and statistics, often cited by media outlets. There’s the US market hub, which spans sales by model, manufacturer, or brand. Segment reports look into passenger cars, SUVs, pickup trucks, and more.

good car bad car

Aside from the analysis of the US auto industry, the website also has one for the UK and Canada markets. You can find the best-selling cars by brand, market, or year too. 

26. Hybrid SUV

Hybrid SUV is dedicated to the green sports utility vehicle with “discover, conserve, and change” as its seemingly guiding principles. To that end, the website provides relevant information about hybrids and electric vehicles to make meaningful choices for an eco-friendly vehicle. Fuel economy, gas mileage, cost per mile, and other criteria, like maximum cargo space, seating capacity, and towing ability, of hybrid SUVs are also presented for comparison purposes. 

hybrid suv

27. Auto Trends Magazine

Auto Trends Magazine delivers what’s new and hot in the car industry with reports on auto shows, concept vehicles, and fun car rumors. The website also provides practical information to car owners, enthusiasts, and readers who may need general advice on car buying. Auto Trends Magazine has detailed car reviews, maintenance and repair tips, ownership matters (safety tips, auto insurance, selling a used car, fuel economy), and lots more.

auto trends magazine

28. Autoextremist

Peter M. DeLorenzo is the Autoextremist, whose commentaries about the auto industry, where he spent 22 years, promise to be high-octane truth only. His rants provide an insider’s perspective and firsthand information on the state of things in the automotive world. Read his opinion on car designs, auto shows (and organizing them), and battery electric vehicles, among the many subjects he has touched on since creating the website in 1999.   

29. Stance Is Everything

This website speaks for stance and how this style of car customization is here to stay. Peek into “Featured Rides,” “Swaps Are Everything,” and “Project Why Wait” to see high-quality pictures, be amazed, and get motivated, respectively. Stance Is Everything also covers SEMA shows and shares interesting stories about cars and people through “WTF Fridays.” Is there beauty in the struggle of building cars? Check out the “Editorials” section.

stance is everything

30. Openbay Blog

Openbay is an automotive services and repair marketplace, and its blog is an online source of information for car owners and soon-to-be owners. Browse through articles containing tips and suggestions about caring for your car, selling, troubleshooting, replacing car accessories and parts, scheduling vehicle maintenance, identifying causes for repair or service, and various issues relating to auto maintenance. The blog also has updates and news for the company’s customers.

openbay blog

31. Jalopnik

Jalopnik is one of the popular voices in the automotive industry today, covering the cult of cars and dabbling into airplanes and superbikes, as well. Its car reviews, for example, are easy to read and relatable. Also, Jalopnik gives you a recap of the day’s highlights in one “Morning Shift.” The website is arguably best known for its “What Car Should I Buy?” and relevant car buying advice. 


32. Lauren Fix, the Car Coach

Lauren is an automotive expert whose media appearance includes His Turn-Her Turn. In the program, she reviews cars with car expert Paul Brian. You can access the extensive collection of reviews on every car imaginable, as the website says. Start with a full review of the 2021 Chevrolet Suburban or dig deeper into the older ones featuring Peugeot RCZ. Lauren and her team also delve into the latest auto tech and maintenance techniques.  

car coach reports

33. Nick’s Car Blog

This blog started as a way for race-car driver Nick Roshon to document the modifications he was making on his Audi A4. His DIY projects and detailing tips for an Audi are accessible on the blog. Nick has also expanded the breadth of his site to feature handpicked cars, to cover auto shows, and to provide news and other information to fellow car fans of Audi and other car brands.

nicks car blog

34. The Weekly Driver

Writer James Raia creates automotive content that appears on The Weekly Driver. His car reviews, which are syndicated, and other features on the site discuss SUVs, sedans, luxury cars, hybrid and electric cars, sports cars, economy cars, and any relevant kind of car out there. One interesting section of The Weekly Driver is “Celebrity Cars,” including Lady Gaga’s 1993 Ford SVT Lightning pickup truck.  “Economy Cars” also has its category of news and features.  

the weekly driver

35. Automobile

Automobile Magazine talks about cars, personalities, and other interesting facets of the automotive lifestyle. It delivers the latest in cars, goes on test drives and produces reviews, covers auto shows, and uploads videos. Classic cars are a league of their own (no boring cars, after all), and there’s great digital content on them. Explore the histories of Audi A4 and other great cars, look back on Chevrolet Vega’s not-so-great past, and read on. 


36. Auto Upkeep Blog

Mike and Linda Gray of Auto Upkeep help drivers with their books and courses, and schools in the US have used their textbook, Auto Upkeep. This dedicated blog carries on with this goal. Browse through articles about basic car care, maintenance, and repair. Find information on when it’s time to change spark plugs, how to maintain tires, and how to deal with car damages post-accident.  

auto upkeep

37. CarAdvice

If you are looking for news, entertainment, and features on new cars in Australia, this website is for you. CarAdvice aims to help Australians find a car that suits their needs, with over 400 cars reviewed, more than 4,000 articles written, and more than 200 videos produced. Know the finer points of car A versus car B on CarAdvice’s comparison posts. Just like the blog’s name implies, you can ask for car advice or check out other readers’ questions first.


38. Car and Driver

Look to Car and Driver to learn of the automobiles gaining hype and anticipation. Is it the Grand Wagoneer, Subaru BRZ, or another car that’s worth waiting for? Be on track with the shiny and gritty aspects of cars. Hop into the website’s glossy “Buyer’s Guide,” made for consumers by car enthusiasts. You have lots to read, from the what or how-tos to the best cars under X dollars. 

car and driver

39. Car Throttle Blog

As the largest car community on the internet, Car Throttle is a treasure trove of car content and a favorite online destination for auto fans. The site is run by a team of avid car enthusiasts and auto experts, who constantly churn out interesting, informative, and interactive content about anything and everything cars. Auto news, reviews, quizzes, vlogs—you name it, Car Throttle has it.

car throttle

40. Conceptcarz.com

Learn more about concept cars or those prototypes displayed in auto shows. Conceptcarz.com promises to document a vehicle from concept to production, and you can click on “Concept Cars” to get on it right away. Navigate concept cars by year, body type, and automaker. You can also switch gears to sports cars for Acuras, Alpines, and Bugattis. Also, have your fill of motorsports action and racing here. 


41. Motoring Exposure

This online platform brings exposure to the cosmopolitan car culture. Motoring Exposure gives you stories involving Lamborghini, Hennessey, Porsche. If viral videos featuring cars, their drivers, and other people are your cup of tea, you can also watch them on the site. One piece of content that you don’t want to miss is “Aftermarket Tuners.” It’s about car tuning, modifications, and more, as you will discover in the posts.  

motoring exposure

42. Motorward

Look forward to what’s newsworthy and relevant in the auto industry as it happens here. Motorward provides its readers with information and entertainment through articles, guides, videos, pictures, and more. “Auto Stuff,” for one, packs numerous topics, such as exotics, gadgets, classics, motoring, Formula 1, gossip, and offbeat. You can find practical advice in the guides or read biographies, car acronyms, interviews, and Motorward’s digital magazine issues.


43. Quattro World

Joshua Decker, an Audi enthusiast, created Quattro World, which in itself is a community for and by lovers of the German luxury brand. The bustling forums are the first thing you’ll see on the website, which also delivers news, reviews, videos, and reports on motorsports and future cars. For the curious, check out how Audi cars look after modifications or what other enthusiasts did with their vehicles. 

quattro world

44. The Detroit Bureau

The Detroit Bureau gives the top and trending automotive stories from its correspondents, including publisher Paul A. Eisenstein. Follow the bureau’s coverage on VW Group’s plans to spin off the Lamborghini brand or its test drive of Nissan Rogue 2021. Aside from the headlines and reviews, the “voice of the automotive world” also informs readers about car maintenance costs, warranty options, vehicle protection plans, and more.    

the detroit bureau

45. Mechanic Base

Surely, you have questions to ask your mechanic, and you can check out this online source for answers. This blog is the base of Magnus Sellen, a certified diagnostic technician with over ten years’ experience working with cars. You can start with familiarizing trouble codes and diagnosing issues. Mechanic Base has posted the full list of OBD2 codes for reference. Also, check out articles on topics ranging from air conditioning to troubleshooting.  

mechanic base

46. Your Mechanic

Your Mechanic caters to consumers and consumer fleets in the US and Canada. Apart from its services, the website offers free-to-access information for beginner and expert car owners. Your Mechanic prides itself on its online resources covering 25,000 topics, from batteries to wipers. You can also see all the article tags used on the website. To give you an idea of how much your car’s repair and maintenance cost, head over to “Cars,” and choose a specific manufacturer.

your mechanic

47. Just a Car Guy

Just a Car Guy takes you to the cool side of automotive things. The blog can fill one with nostalgia, with stories about vintage cars, innovative features from back in the day, and random/notable incidents. Take your time scrolling through pictures, advertisements, art prints, videos, concept designs, and so much more. With archives that stretch to 2006 and contain thousands of posts, this blog is a nod to the colorful past of cars intertwined with modern auto shows and more.   

just a car guy

48. AutoSpies

The auto industry has its fair share of secrets, something that AutoSpies aims to uncover and compile for its readers. Go straight to the “Rumors” section to confirm how much you know about Land Rover’s design or the in-the-works C8 Corvette E-Ray. “Spy Shots” and “Spy News” also are worth reading, made more interesting by comments from the community. Head over to the “Galleries” section for nice shots of 2021 Jaguar XF and more. 

auto spies

49. Oil Pressure

Oil Pressure lives by the motto “Speed is life” and shares thoughts from George Phillips et al. George primarily writes about or comments on the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar racing, its people (team and drivers), championships, and NASCAR races, occasionally. Apart from previews and reviews, George also talks about personal matters. Oil Pressure features views and commentaries from other contributors. Check out discussions on the video blog series, One Take Only.  

oil pressure

50. EricTheCarGuy

Do you need help with car repairs or have related concerns? ETCG can be your go-to resource for do-it-yourself auto repair. You can start with the FAQs to solve or diagnose the common sources of car troubles: poor MPG and HVAC; noises, leaks, idle issues, vibrations, and transmissions; and no start and engine overheating. Guides to buying a used car, as well as videos, are also available for your reference. 

eric the car guy

51. The Smoking Tire

Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire has a podcast that aims to be essential listening for car fans. The video version of the episodes is accessible on YouTube. Also, The Smoking Tire does One Take that presents an “unfiltered, unedited,” and fresher take, perhaps, on reviewing cars of all kinds. The website pretty much is a window to Matt’s activities on social media and other platforms.  

the smoking tire

52. DenLors Tools

The company is engaged in providing shops, schools, and the US government with professional automotive tools. DenLors Tools also provides articles on how to carry out certain car repairs and tasks, as written by master auto technician Dennis Bandy. From squeaks and rattles to Ford head problems, online resources are available. The company maintains a car tool blog that may contain other helpful information for car owners. 

denlors tools

53. The Mechanic Doctor

The Mechanic Doctor is in. Louis and Jee, the guys behind the website, help beginner and professional auto mechanics with an array of resources accessible here.  The “Tutorials” section contains videos showing how to repair a cracked plastic bumper, how to replace a cabin air filter, and how to reset oil life, among others. The Mechanic Doctor’s official blog provides general preventive maintenance tips and more.

the mechanic doctor

54. CJ’s Autoblog

CJ’s Autobling offers a host of services, such as car customizing, interior detailing, tinting, ceramic and glass coating, and it is based in Victoria, BC. Its blog site expands on the topics of car customization, like the applicable options and price tag of those services. There are also posts detailing the ways to care for car interiors and to preserve the upgrades made to the vehicle.

cj's auto blog

55. DriveDetailed

DriverDetailed covers all the bases when it comes to sprucing up your ride. The blog is run by a self-professed “car cleaning freak,” who has a passion for automobile detailing. The articles in the blog answer many questions that new car owners have about auto maintenance and detailing. The blog also contains product reviews and recommendations of the best cleaning tools, supplies, and more for vehicles.

Start your engine; your daily dose of motoring and driving stories is here.

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