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Conversation Starters: When Your Valentine Loves Cars But You Don’t

One thing every Valentine’s Day menu needs is good conversation. It’s the oxygen of the night that can quickly come into short supply when conversation topics thin out. So today, we take our car care duties to the next level by giving you 2019’s Conversation Starter list for when that special someone digs cars but you don’t know anything about them.

Warning: this is some serious Jedi quality knowledge that’s proven to make car heads 99% more attracted to you, so please, use it wisely.

Starter: So the new Toyota Supra has finally been released…


    • I can’t believe how long Toyota made us wait for this. I must have seen 100 ‘leaked’ photo of it already
    • Do you think its a real supra anyway? It doesn’t have a V6 anymore. And it even comes with a 4 cylinder.
  • I heard there are like 10 fake air intakes in the design. Why do car makers keep doing that?!

More background info 🙂 …

Starter: How do you think Honda will perform with Red Bull in the F1 this year?


    • I think Red Bull are kidding themselves. Honda can’t turn around that fast.
    • They might even get overtaken by Renault or Force India, I mean Racing Point India, or whatever they are called now.
  • The real question is will Vettel Choke again mid-season…?

Starter: Have you seen the latest Grand Tour episodes?


    • I like the Detroit episode. I would take the Mustang for sure even if it’s slower. What would you choose?
    • It’s cool that they are doing a whole season on specials. Did you see the Columbia Special?
  • I prefer it when they do supercars but the ute episode was OK. Trust Hammond to get the Ranger.

Starter: So the most expensive car in the world was sold in the US last year…


    • It was a Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. They only ever made 36 of them in total.
    • The guy paid $70 million USD for it.
  • Supposedly Lance Stroll owns one as well. You know the guys who bought Racing point Force F1 Team or whatever he is calling it.
Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. Source: Flickr @walterr03
Ferrari 250 GTO 1963. Source: Flickr @walterr03

Starter: Have you seen the new Suzuki Jimny?


    • It’s still being built on a ladder frame.
    • It looks like a Mercedes G Wagon (some would call it a J Wagon)
  • It’s only about $25k.

From all the crew at FitMyCar, we wish you and your partner the very best this Valentines Day! Want to go one step further and create a great impression, beyond your conversation game? Put your best foot forward and try our custom accessories. They’ll enhance the look of your vehicle and cover up the imperfections you’d prefer were hidden…

James Tinsley

James is the Founder of FitMyCar and a total car nerd. At 5’11”, and with calves as wide as he is tall, he could be the most weirdly proportioned CEO in the world to ever write an auto blog.

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