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Tough, durable, and engineered to fit your ride. BEDROCK is an all-weather floor liner built to protect, enhance, and last - no matter how hard you and your passengers go.

All Weather Mat
Twist Lock and Screw Twist Lock and Clip Push Lock and Screw Hook and Clip Hook and Screw
Twist Lock and Screw Twist Lock and Clip Push Lock and Screw Hook and Clip Hook and Screw


BEDROCK securely locks into your cars original (OEM) retention system, ensuring a tidy fit and zero mat slippage under foot. No existing retention system in place? No dramas. Each BEDROCK ships with the right locking system for your car.

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Floor Liners are very different to carpet car mats. For one, they're made from a rubber & plastic (TPE) material blend, which means liquids and various other types of mess can't seep through and leave a rank smell or stain up your car's floor.

Second, they last a lot longer. BEDROCK, for example, ships with a lifetime warranty and is engineered to withstand the rough and tumble of worksites, backyards, campsites, bike trails, and family road trips. Basically it's built like a bloody ox.

Third, they clean a whole bunch more easily (especially talking about liquids and mud). Instead of pulling out the home cleaning remedies and / or hiring the expert car detailer, simply whack a set of BEDROCK Floor Liners® into your ride and hose off the mess.

Fourth, the ‘rock’ and ‘water’ design patterns on the liner make it possible for liquids to channel away from your feet. That means your feet can get extra grip under foot and gives you a more pleasant generally.

About BEDROCK All-Weather Mats

100% engineered and manufactured in Australia, BEDROCK is made for a 100% fit. That's our pledge.

Our blood, sweat, and tears has gone into the making of what we think is an awesome piece of gear. It looks good, lasts for ages, protects your ride, and of course fits. The BEDROCK is the result of the passion we have for everyday car accessories and gives drivers - auto and manual alike - access to industry leading protective gear. Enjoy!

~ Team FitMyCar

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