Throw on a mat
& pile on. It's got you.

ute mats


When you pick up your ute from the dealership it will either have a bare painted tub or it will have a tub liner (plastic protection insert). In either case your tools are going to slide from side to side every time you go around a corner.

The Ute Mat gives you a rubber non slip surface to stop your cargo sliding around, significantly reducing noise,and reducing the amount of scratches you put into your bare tub.

Its a simple economical solution to an annoying problem that you have probably been putting up with since your first ute.

As well as Ute Mats we also make mats to suit popular light commercial Vans (Hiace, i-Load, etc). All our Ute Mats are made to suit the floor of the specific vehicle stub.

  • Moulded to the contours of the cargo area
  • Made from ultra-durable material
  • 5 Years Warrantyβ€’ Completely odourless
  • Raised edges protect against spills, dirt and wear
  • Flexible enough to store rolled up
  • Rigid enough to maintain raised edges
  • Slip resistant textured surface
  • Easily removed for cleaning
  • Made in New Zealand

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