4 Things I Learned Since Hitting The Road Post-Lockdown

4 Things I Learned Since Hitting The Road Post-Lockdown

September 30, 2020

As a Victorian, getting back on the road for the first time in months after months in lockdown was a real shock to the system. A number of things took me by surprise. Here’s what I learned .

Forgetting your mask at home is a real pain

It took too long to sink in that leaving a spare face mask in your car is a simple must. There were a few too many trips after lockdown where I’d get 10 minutes from home before realising I’d left my mask at home. The familiar “wallet, keys, phone” mantra has in 2020 become “wallet, keys, phone, face mask”.

No petrol expenses are a luxury

Why did I suddenly have an extra $50 a week in my bank account each week through lockdown? Not having to pay for petrol was a luxury I have not been familiar with since turning 18. It’s not the biggest price to pay in exchange for freedom, but it will still take some getting used to. That extra night of takeaway might have to get the chop…

Messy Cars bother me more than they used to

I’ve always been a clean and tidy person, however I’ll admit that in the past I’ve let the car get a little messy at times. In a matter of months, the world has become significantly more aware of it’s hygiene practises. This will no doubt rub off on everyone differently, and one of the ways I’ve noticed it the most is in the cleanliness of my car. Food wrappers/containers, wipes, tissues etc are now and will forever be dealt with instantly. It’s definitely not the worst side-effect of a global pandemic.
A Car Bin was an easy way to eliminate mess. It’s simple operation meant there was no chance for rubbish to pile up on the back seat. 

Hitting the road post-lockdown was a special feeling

Driving is a privilege which has often been taken for granted. Only since having it taken away for a matter of months have many of us begun to appreciate it once more. Sure, small trips for essentials were permitted throughout lockdown but it just wasn’t the same freedom we’ve become accustomed to behind the wheel. 

While hitting the open road again after what has seemed like an eternity, I’ve felt a similar sense of magic to when I first got my license. Suddenly the possibilities for adventure are boundless. Whether it’s the ocean road or high country, many of us are more excited than ever for that next road trip.

If you’re planning on more time behind the wheel, a quality set of car mats will give you more comfort than you think. They are also a great way to keep your interior in tip-top shape.

Nick Williams

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