How to Fit: Seat Covers

How to Fit: Seat Covers

January 07, 2020

Watch the video to learn about the steps it will take to fit a set of tailored seat covers into your vehicle. Nick will take you through the process step-by-step to make the instructions as easy to follow as possible.

Installation Steps

  1. Start with installing the front seats by removing the headrests from the seats and put them aside for later.
  2. Fit the base cover over the base of the seat so it’s nice and tight. Then pull each cover strap under the seat to the opposite side, where it will hook through the D-ring and can then be fastened to the velcro on the other side of the same strap.
  3. Fit the cover over the back support area of the seat. Pull it down until it is nice and snug. Pull the tassels through the back of the seat and tie them up so the cover stays tight against the seat.
  4. Slip the headrest cover on, tighten the velcro adjustments and lower back onto the seat. Your front seat covers should now be in place.
    Just like with the front seats, the first step to fitting the rear seat covers is to remove the headrests and keep them aside.
  5. Fit the base covers onto the base of the seats first. These will not have velcro attachments like in the front but instead normal tassels which will require you to tie them together conventionally as if you were tying shoelaces.
  6. Next, fit the back support covers. If your rear seats can unclip and pivot forward this may make it easier to install. Pass the tassels to the back and tighten. If your car has carpet permanently in place which prevents the tassels from going through then you can pass them around the side and tie them together.
  7. Finally, slip on the headrest covers and re-attach them on top of the seats just like in the front.
    If you have followed these steps correctly your covers should fit nice and snug in your car and look great!
  8. Remember to take your time when fitting and if you come across any issues or problems give the FitMyCar Customer Support team a call at 1300 299 922 or email them at

About Our Covers

Seat covers are a great choice no matter what kind of driver you are. Keeping your interior spotless can often be unavoidable but you’ll always have piece of mind if you have seat covers fitted.

With a range of styles and fabrics available from FitMyCar, you can now get the most out of fully waterproof neoprene covers, tough and rugged canvas covers or nice and comfy microsuede covers which will give you that factory-seat look and feel.

To see full range and decide which set is going to be perfect for you, click here.

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