Wombat 4x4 Prep and Adventures - Episode 3

Wombat 4x4 Prep and Adventures - Episode 3

April 18, 2022

If you plan on exploring the 4WD tracks in a familiar or new location, join us for some tips for the tracks in our last episode.

About 3 hours before a trip, Reece will do a check for fluid levels and tyre pressure in his Mitsubishi Triton. Tyre pressure will change throughout the trip - needing to be higher on the way in and lowered to get grip on the ground and the terrain once going through the tracks. Reece explains this just gives you that extra control and grip on surfaces you may lose through the inflated tyre.   



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Exploring Wombat – Tips for the Tracks


Re-cap on Wombat Tracks

Reece has a few favourite tracks out in Wombat which include a lot of different climbs, but one of note is the "Three Sisters". Many of them are hard to spot he says, as there isn’t much signage for these specifically so it could be hard to find them all, but if you go out with someone familiar or get to know the area like he has you'll get to know them. 

Reece recommends some good tracks for beginners would be ones that are easily identifiable by signage and have the track signs on your map. You’ll find they’re a couple of spots, Reece suggests, that you can find off O’Brien’s Road such as "Diggers Track" or "Burnt Mill". That way if your new to it, the tracks are easy and will avoid you getting into any trouble. 



Tips for the Tracks

Looking for any hazards or notable markings in the trail is a good start for identifying a good line in a track. The main thing is being able to find even ground along the whole climb decent to make sure you’re not going off balance. Always be sure to know your skill level and don’t be unrealistic about what you can and can’t do.

Reece suggests the best place to get into 4WDing is to locate your local 4WDing club. This can be a good starting place to get all your information and tips and tricks before you go out as well as having a safe community to travel with if you don’t have anyone to go out with.

Remember, always ask questions, play it safe and stick to those well-known camp grounds, enjoy yourself and learn the area before you start to trail too far out.



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